My Lenten Challenge

Being the superior Catholic that I am I am obviously going to follow Lent. So I gave up the same thing I have given up many times in the past, and it's going to be a rough 40 (well now only 36) days.

I gave up .....PIZZA

Yes you read that right. If you have read my blog before you will know that I eat pizza 3 times a week. Not joking. I think I'm a VIP customer at Domino's. Seriously they came to my house 3 times last week. The last time they came the brought me a free plastic Domino's cup and some extra coupons, not a few, like 10 extra coupons. Well Domino's is going to be super disappointed when they don't hear from me until April 12 ( Yes, I will be ordering pizza for Easter, family joke and funny story), I hope they're able to stay in business without me.

So I'm going to need your support for the next 36 days, I have already been tempted by the frozen Red Barren pizza in my freezer and if I see another Domino's, Papa John's, or Vocelli's commercial I'm going to have to stop watching TV.

On Another Note:
I also wanted to say Thank You to all my wonderful followers and everyone who comments or reads my blog! I love getting comments and I love how many wonderful BFF's (blog friends forever as Abby says) I have made recently! Blogging is my therapy because I love to talk and chat about random stuff and K can only listen to so much, pff, men. Thank you also for having fun, interesting blogs for me to read and relate to. So far I'm really enjoying my time as a blogger!



We're in a recession and I want a $500 dress

Lilly Pulitzer Claudie Dress

I am in love with this dress. Ours friends Megan & Craig are getting married in May in Newport, RI on the beach and this Lilly dress would be perfect!! It's the right combo on casual and elegent. The only problem? Oh yeah it's $458.00. hahahahahahahahaha It is fun though isn't it?

Never.going.to.happen. Hey a girl can dream!

So instead I will be grazing Ebay for Lilly dresses and Jcrew for sales. I would like to not spend over $100 if I can!

P.S. Head over and check out Babbling Abby's giveaway today, they are the most adorable onesies in ever! If I had a baby I would be trying to win one!!!


Giveaways All Week!!

Head over and check out Babbling Abby and her super cute son Baby B! They have having fun giveaways all week, especially all you Mommy and soon-to-be Mommy Bloggers!

P.S.- Abby's blog is hilarious and her son is soo cute, you won't be able to get enough of this blog!

Offically a homeowner for 6 months!

Well yesterday marked the six month anniversary of K and me owning our home! I cannot believe how quickly six months has gone by and I can't believe how much love I feel for an inanimate object! I think it's the feeling that it's OUR home; not my parents, not one I share with roommates or friends, just our little home. Let me tell you this, which I may have mentioned before the previous homeowners let their 3 dogs and cat pee ALL over the house so we had to rip up ALL the flooring and replace it and we had to repaint b/c they used some CRAZY colors and get new appliances b/c the old ones were literally falling out of the walls. So we have put some nice work into this bad boy and I think that is why I heart it so much.

So in honor of his birthday of belonging to us I am going to post some pics for you all to enjoy. Now these are a little old, I have done some more decorating since I took this last November.

Enjoy! Dining Room

Living Room



Deck off of Living Room


Lots to Update on

Warning: Long Blog Post Ahead. Turn back now if you're not interested in spending next 2,405,687 minutes reading this.

So where was I. Oh yes I have been super super busy lately and have had a lot to blog about but no time to do it!!

First off I had a lovely Valentine's Day. K made a delicious dinner of scallops, wasabi mashed potatoes, and asparagus. I did not end of making creme brulee because we got chocolate covered strawberries but then the strawberries were not good at all so we were both a little depressed we nixed the creme brulee idea, but it was still a nice night anyway!

In Family News: We went up to PA on Sunday for K's grandfather's 80th birthday party. It was nice to visit with all the family we don't see that often, which is most of them since we live in MD. K has 2 pregnant cousins and one of them had her baby today! She has a healthy baby boy, named Thomas. I am so excited to meet him! The next one is due in May and it's a girl. Then my future sister in law is trying, so lots of babies joining the family! I love babies and I especially love baby clothes!

In Wedding News:
I picked out my bridesmaid dresses!! Being the J.Crew fanatic that I am I of course went with them. I am doing the J.Crew Cotton Cady Dresses in Classic Navy. I am laid back and I want everyone to be comfortable so I am letting the girls pick the styles they want. I am also letting them use last year styles so they can find a dress on ebay or in an outlet. Plus I have girls of all different shapes and sizes and I have bridesmaids trying to get pregnant so I want them to have flexibility. Oh yeah and I'm letting the girls pick any shoes they want in any color, I think that will spice things up a bit!

Here are some pics below of this seasons Cotton Cady styles:

What do you think?
As I mentioned before my wedding has a very preppy/nautical theme.

Oh and in more wedding news, I almost have all of my save the dates out. That is such a huge relief... I have had them for 2 weeks and they have been hanging out my head so it feels great to get them in the mail. I also created a wedding website from www.mywedding.com. It is super easy to use and free, which I love!

Oh and I got tagged for a few bloggy awards. But I can only remember the bag tag from my girl jess at no, thank you. So below is my current handbag. I bought this baby for a whopping $36 at Nordstrom BP. I love how huge it is. I will admit she had a big ugly brass chain with faux leather hearts intially but I cut those off and now she's perfect. She will do until I can afford my Gucci Horsebit Hobo in brown leather (hey, a girl can dream)

(please ignore mess in background)

I tag anyone who wants to show off their current handbag!!!!

Oh and to top off a LONG week. I went to the liquor store after work to pick up some wine and when I went to hand the cashier my ID he told me he didn't need to see it because I definitely looked old enough to drink. Hey mister that is not what someone who just-turned-27-and-is-not-taking-it-well wants to hear after a long week. CARD ME PLEASE, I AM BEGGING YOU.

Well I'm off to enjoy my vino.

p.s. if you tagged me for any blog awards that I missed let me know so I can give you some recognition!


I am making creme brulee tonight... wish me luck

K and I aren't very romantic people. We both realists with very sarcastic personalities. But that doesn't mean there is no romance. Well tonight we are celebrating Valentine's Day. This is somewhat of a first for us because usually my birthday and v-day are combined into one celebration. Apparently if two holidays fall with in six days of each other they are celebrated as one, hmmm I wonder who made up that rule?

Well K is making dinner tonight, but it's going to be a surprise- fun! Well I'm in charge of dessert. I can bake a mean cupcake or cookie but I thought I would spice it up a little. So I'm making creme brulee. Creme brulee is the greatest dessert ever, even better than Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Bun Ice cream (amazing).

This is the part about the creme brulee that scares K a little.

The Torch. Oh yes I get to play with fire. If you know me you can envision me in my kitchen now: torch in one hand, glass of wine in other hand. K says something funny I turn and almost light counter top on fire maybe even melt the formica a little.
I have a tendency to forget I'm holding something when I hear something funny or want to add to conversation. I once dropped a whole thing of scrambled eggs on the floor because I was holding the pan and turned really quickly to respond to something on the TV and gently tossed them out onto the floor. It was lovely.

So ladies and gentlemen wish me luck and hopefully I won't be blogging tomorrow about my melted kitchen.


Oh La La I love you Rue La La

Do you like this beauty I picked up from Rue La La today? Bought it for $30, regularly $65!

They were having a Lilly Pulitzer sale, any idea how excited I was went I saw that!!!

I love Rue La La but I have one complaint. I get my emails a few hours late (I know this b/c my coworker and I share sales, coupons, etc and she always gets her Rue La La email before me) which means by the time I log on most of the most beautiful stuff is sold out! I have even added them to my contacts so they won't go to junk mail, I don't really know how to fix this, any ideas?

For anyone who doesn't know about Rue La La it is one of those great members only online shopping boutiques that has amazing sales weekly, I mean 50, 60, 75% off designer labels. I belong to quite a few of them honestly. If you would like an invitation let me know and I can email one your way.

Now I'm going to stand by the mailbox and wait for my new polo, then I'm going to pray that it gets warm out so I can actually wear it soon.



TGIF and I'm getting old

This was such a looong week. Thank God It's Friday. Work has been crazy. Which is good because we need to be busy in times like these. K has been in California all week. So not fair either because it's been 18 degrees and freezing alllll week long. Plus his parents are coming this weekend so I have been frantically cleaning and organizing, which has actually been great because I finally got pictures hung that I've owned for over 4 months. It's amazing what the pressure of impressing people will make your lazy butt do.
I'm excited for my future in laws to see our house and take a tour of Annapolis, see my church, reception site, etc.

Now the kicker to my weekend... I am "offically" entering my late 20's (sigh)

I am turning 27 on Sunday.

I am still not sure exactly how I feel about this. I know I am not that old but I still think 27 sounds a lot older than 26. Well gonna make this one quick because the good thing about getting older is the celebrating... going out to have drinks and dinner with my friends!

Happy Weekend :)


A little funny to cheer up this cold, dreary afternoon

Oh.My.Gosh. This is the funniest thing I have ever seen on the Ellen Show. Ellen is my favorite and I love her fans even more.


I would post the video but I'm a blog moron and don't know how to so if anyone can share with me how to do that it would be great.


Poor Economy= Less Hashbrowns

So I went to my favorite restaurant in Annapolis today, Main Ingredient, with 2 of my girlfriends for brunch. They have the best breakfast ever. Hands down. Ask anyone who has been there.
Well I got my usual a cheddar cheese omelet, hash browns and wheat toast. So my food arrives and I pick up my toast to stare joyfully at the extra hash browns hidden underneath and there were none. I repeat none. Usually there are hash browns covering the plate, I mean hiding under the toast and omelet but no not today. There was one measly little pile of hash browns. It was so disappointing. I mean I look forward to those hash browns. Those hash browns are why I go there in the first place. Needless to say the hash browns that I did have were delicious and I guess a few hash browns are better than none. But I will say I'm not happy that this poor economy is making people cut back on hash brown servings, that is just so not right.
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