Poor Economy= Less Hashbrowns

So I went to my favorite restaurant in Annapolis today, Main Ingredient, with 2 of my girlfriends for brunch. They have the best breakfast ever. Hands down. Ask anyone who has been there.
Well I got my usual a cheddar cheese omelet, hash browns and wheat toast. So my food arrives and I pick up my toast to stare joyfully at the extra hash browns hidden underneath and there were none. I repeat none. Usually there are hash browns covering the plate, I mean hiding under the toast and omelet but no not today. There was one measly little pile of hash browns. It was so disappointing. I mean I look forward to those hash browns. Those hash browns are why I go there in the first place. Needless to say the hash browns that I did have were delicious and I guess a few hash browns are better than none. But I will say I'm not happy that this poor economy is making people cut back on hash brown servings, that is just so not right.

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  1. Lol. you are hilarious.
    but I totally undestand-- fried hashbrowns are as good as milk chocolate to me!


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