Let Snow, Snow, Snow

Well the weather man was right this time. When they predicted 15-20in and it said 100% chance they were 100% right.

We went into DC on Friday night to hang out with our friends and decided to stay the night since the snow was coming down so hard and we didn't want to drive in the dark.

Here is DC as we were leaving Saturday morning:

Trying to get out of our parking spot

Thomas Circle

The roads were awful and the snow was coming down really hard. It was a scary drive home at times. I never really think of Maryland as a Southern state as it seems more Northern until it snows and then we just prove that we are actually located below the Mason-Dixon line with the "Winter Wallop 2009" reports, the panic at the grocery stores, and the abandoned cars all over the highway.

On our way home we stopped at Safeway to get some food and below is what the egg aisle looked like. Seriously this is usually filled with eggs and it was completely empty!! I didn't know that you needed eggs to survive a snowstorm.

This is what it looked like out our front door at about 3pm on Saturday

Luckily we had some Crumbs Cupcakes courtesy of my sister in-laws parents!! I have a HUGE love for cupcakes and these do not disappoint, they are AMAZING!!!! We have almost tried every flavor and they are sooooo delicious. I think Caramel Apple is my favorite so far. I'll keep you updated on the other flavors.

Flavors from Left to Right
Top: Caramel Apple, Candy Signature, Red Velvet
Bottom: Chocolate Pecan Pie, Signature Vanilla/Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cup

Here is the snow at about 11pm Saturday night. It's estimated we got about 24in of snow which is a lot for us Marylanders!!

Luckily I did get a 2 hour delay for work tomorrow!! Yay!!


  1. The pic of safeway is crazy...so nice to be snowed in with those delish cupcakes!

  2. Oh my word! That trumps our measley 2 inches! Be safe and eat lots of cupcakes! They look to die for :)

  3. My brother and I were just talking about this! He lives in Annapolis, and was supposed to fly out for the holiday Saturday, then Sunday, then today. But was delayed all weekend. All the flights were grounded out of Baltimore. We'll see if even gets out today! He was saying, "You never realize how Southern Maryland is until everyone panics when they get some stickin' snow.

    Glad you're home, safe, and found a few cartons of eggs left:)

  4. The snow is so pretty to have for Christmas, but I hope it doesn't interfere with any holiday travel plans you may have! Stay safe!

  5. OMG! Those cupcakes are so pretty and look delicious! Yummmmm!

  6. Oooh, those pics are beautiful. I love snow. We just got a dusting here and both me and L were very disappointed.

  7. It looks like you got the same mess that we did and it was probably really good that you stayed at your friend’s house. The grocery store looks completely wiped out. I think everyone goes for eggs, bread and milk.

    That is so awesome that you had some yummy cupcakes to get you through the storm. They look absolutely delicious!

  8. Oh my!! Those cupcakes look yummy! At least you had those to eat during the storm! Glad you made it back safely!


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