9 Days!

Only 9 days until Christmas!! I can't believe it!! As any good procrastinator can relate I am so not done my shopping yet but I am hoping (fingers crossed) I finish before the weekend.

So what have we been up to lately? Well when I'm not busy at work I am enjoying the below....

My new pink Snuggie!!

My wonderful husband stole the Snuggie for me in his Yankee gift swap at his work party. Yes my husband actually stole a pink Snuggie in a group of all men because he knew how much I would LOVE it, isn't he great?? And he was so right. I heart.my.Snuggie. If you don't have one run, don't walk to you local drug store and spend the $15 on one. (try to ignore bad/hair makeup in photo)

We have our Christmas decoration up but we don't have that many this year. I actually have quite a few of the Department 56 Christmas collectable houses but I don't have anywhere to put them this year so unfortunately they are in my parents basement :(

Just in case you're interested in our minimal decor....

Our stockings mine is on the left, K's on the right
(ignore mess on coffee table, thanks!)

Our little fake tree
(it photographs much better than it looks IRL)

Sooo I might have not finished Christmas shopping because I always get distracted with gifts for myself... hehe. Well today I could not resist, the deal was just tooo goood.

See all those pretty colors...

I got all five of those scarves for $20!!! That's $4 a piece!!!!!!! They are usually 3 for $20 at a kiosk in my mall but today was a mega sale so I decided to pick up some fun colors to spruce up my mostly black, white, and gray wardrobe.

Well I am off to bed BFFs... I cannot wait for Friday!


  1. Love the Snuggy! You look super cute and snuggly!

    And soooo jealous of the scarves. Great deal!

  2. i secretly REALLY want a snuggie but my fiance mercilessly makes fun of the commercial... :)

  3. They gave away 2 different snuggies at our Christmas party this year in our white elephant game and UNFORTUNATELY both times that I had one in hand someone stole it from me. =0( P.S. Love those scarf colors!

  4. What a deal on those scarves!

    And yay for the Snuggie!

  5. LOVE the pink Snuggie!! Go husband! I'm holding out for an animal print one! And love those scarves - what a great deal.

  6. I love Department 56 village houses!!! Don't feel bad I still need to do some more shopping as well. Love the snuggie!

  7. Ahh you're so cute in your snuggie! Your tree looks great! Great deal on the scarves!! Love the colors!

  8. I love your pink snuggie and I kind of want one. I’m constantly cold in our house. That was so sweet of your husband to steal it in a yankee swap (those are so fun!). Your tree looks really pretty and I cannot believe the deal that you got on the scarves ;)


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