A few questions for the cast of The Hills

1. Justin Bobby? Really? No seriously, what is the attraction? Kristin is obviously just doing it to piss off Audrina, but Audrina- you are gorgeous what are you doing pining over such a loser. (Is it just me or does Justin Bobby seem more animated with Kristin?)

2. Kristin, how much is MTV paying you to ruin lives?

3. Lo, why do you always act so fake? Is it that you can't "act" or are you really just that fake all the time?

4. Stephanie, when was the last time you ate? Being anorexic is not hot.

5. Heidi did you actually think Spencer would grow up and start respecting you? If you answered yes to that question I feel sorry for you.

6. Spencer why are you taking your anger at Heidi out on a poor 7 year old?

I have to admit something. I actually like what Kristin brings to the show. Let's be honest LC was great and very sweet but she didn't really have that much drama. Most of her drama centered around Jason and Speidi. Where Kristin on the other hand brings drama with her where ever she goes. So it's definitely fun to have the antagonist back in action.
I can't wait to see what type of moves she puts on Brody...


  1. How great was it last night??? I loved it! And I was wondering that same thing about Lo the entire episode.

    Here's my question for YOU...how long do you give Spencer and Heidi's marriage? ;)

  2. Last night was AMAZING! I have to admit that I thought JB looked pretty hot when he and Kristen were grabbing a drink before hopping back on the motorcycle. Spencer is such a douche it isn't even funny and Stephanie is quickly headed the way of Rachel Zoe if she doesn't eat a cheeseburger soon. I can't wait for the episode when Brody's girl throws the drink in Kristen's face- AMAZING!

  3. I have DVR'd the episodes, but haven't watched them yet. What happened to Audrina's hair? It looks kind of orange in that picture.

    Justin Bobby - I will never understand the appeal for Audrina. She could do way better (and way better than Brody, too)!

  4. Hahahaha love this! I gave up watching the Hills and the City because those kids make me mad - no talent at alll and making money off their stupid dramatic lives! FILM ME!!

  5. Oh girl. I couldn't have said it better myself! I couldn't believe what an dickbag Spencer was last night to that adorable little boy! How could you marry a jackass like that?!

  6. I can't watch. Kristin pisses me off so much I want to smack her!

  7. She was drama on Laguna and she's drama again. I have think she knows what brings views. Smart little cookie!


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