Dear J.Crew,

First off you know I still love you it's just that, well, we have to take a little "break." We're not breaking up. Don't worry I WILL BE BACK, but for the time being I won't be able to visit you and if you could please stop tempting me with your extra 30% off, Free shipping, and New Arrivals emails that would be much appreciated. See J.Crew the economy has taken a downturn over the past year (but I hear it's on the upswing!) and we did just have a wedding so I am trying to tighten my belt and put more money into our savings account. I'm already not very good at saving so I need as little temptation as possible, got that?

Thanks for understanding,

Your Loyal Customer Nat

P.S.- I may still be browsing the website from time to time but only when I'm feeling strong

P.S.S.- Do let me know when the wool flannel school boy blazer goes on sale though, thanks!


  1. aw! haha! I feel like this was ME writing this post to J.Crew....

  2. i didn't completely give up jcrew, but i've limited myself to the outlets only!!

  3. Too funny! I need to write such a letter too but to anything that can be sold :)

  4. Oh I feel the same way! I need to do an outlet trip soon because I just can't handle the in store temptations!

  5. So true! J. Crew, please please stop being so damn tempting! I've put myself on a "On Sale Only" restriction. I can't wait until the after holidays sale!!


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