Were you as in LOVE with Zack Morris as I was 1990?

Did you see this?? It is hilarious!!!

Now that he is divorced from Kelly Kapowski maybe I have a chance?


  1. OMG..I love it..my best friend and I could recite every line from every episode...love it!

    I love it that they brought up Zack Attack...

  2. NIIIICE I did not see this!!! I have no sound at work but you better believe I'm going to immediately youtube this when I get home!! GREAT POST!!

  3. OMG...This was great!! Thank you for posting! Ahhh!

  4. okay, i've watched this 4 times now. you saved my night.

  5. i've heard about it but haven't seen it! gotta watch the WHOLE episode!

  6. I don't know you, but I saw you post on Jess' blog that she liked your zack morris post and I just couldn't resist and now I am sad to see that the video was taken down by NBC. Do you know how I can find it?

  7. I did see this the other night and I was laughing so hard. I had the biggest crush on Zach Morris growing up!


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