Weekend Recap

My good friend Meghan from high school got married on Saturday and it was absolutely beautiful! They managed to get an AMAZING gorgeous sunny day sandwiched in between this miserable cold rain we've been having up here.

Let me tell you... going to a wedding as an engaged woman made me focus soooo much more on the details then the partying and/or taking pictures of myself... so I only have one of us from the end of the reception where all my makeup has worn off and I'm looking tired- pls don't judge!

Her colors were pink, pale blue, and navy blue. I absolutely loved her pink centerpieces and her bouquet. It was the perfect amount of pink without being too pink. Her dress was gorgeous, I was obsessed and probably told her 10 times how good she looked.


Alter right on the water- so gorgeous!

I love this shot of them on the altar and you get a great view of her dress

Hydrangea Centerpiece

Tulip center piece- I love that color of pink

Wedding cake with bridesmaids bouquets as floral decorations

Breaking it down on he dance floor

Me & K

Then Sunday was a lazy day for wedding planning(stressing), cleaning, organizing around the house, etc.
It looks like it is finally warming up around here and staying warm.


  1. So pretty! i love her hydrangea centerpieces!

  2. Aw, you two are precious! I don't think I'd see Mr. Charmed Life before. It'll be the two of you waltzing down the aisle before you know it!


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