Wedding Invitations- Help! I need some advice!!

So I asked an old acquantiance (whom I'm not inviting to my wedding) to design my save the dates, wedding invitations, programs and thank you notes. The save the dates were easy because she just emailed me the design and I uploaded and ordered them off Vistaprint for $25.00.

Well... we're finding out that some other things in the wedding are going to cost A LOT more than we planned for. So I think I'm going to need to just do our invitations on the cheap off a website rather than paying her for a design and then paying to have them printed. I feel so horrible because she just got laid off from her job a few weeks ago (which I know isn't my problem) and has been working on my invites.

How do I nicely break the news to her?? Should I still pay her for all her trouble? What should I do? I want to tell her ASAP so she doesn't keep working on them!

Thanks for all your help fellow bloggers!


  1. The whole she-just-got-laid-off thing really complicates this whole thing! Gosh! I'm sorry you have to go through it all. I know it can be crazy.

    If you really can't afford it, I'd just explain to her that you all have to save money right now and that you can't afford her, as she does such a high-quality product (you know, flatter her a little.) She probably understands more than anyone that everyone is trying to pinch pennies right now. Perhaps an affordable little bouquet, potted plant, or gift would help break the news to her easier, too. Let her know how much you wish you could afford her, and how much you appreciate her, but how much you just have to be financially prudent right now.

    Hope that helps! Hang in there! I promise once the wedding is over this will all seem like not a big deal (although I know now it can pre-ccupy every second of your time. Weddings are weird like that!) You're doing great!

  2. I think if you've already used one of her designs for your save-the-dates, you need to pay her for that if you haven't already. But if she is only now working on the rest of your items, and she is a friend, you should definitely explain to her your situation, and hopefully all will be well. Otherwise, maybe offer to pay her a fraction according to the work and time she has already put in, if anything is completed yet.

  3. I would pay her for any work already completed, explain your situation, and pray that she understands :)

    Who knows, maybe once she realizes that you're going to use another designer, she'll cut you a deal!


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