Real Housewives of the OC meets The Sopranos

Welcome to the Real Housewives of New Jersey



  1. You know... I honestly thought I would hate this show... but I watched the little half hour special or whatever and I have to say I will probably watch it. I was super confused the whole time, like every single one of them is related? haha.. and the fact that the one serious guido husband actually said "fugghetaboutit" I mean come on!

  2. So right on! Hahaha!

    BTW, how do you like Bethenny's book so far?

  3. oh my god. this show is such a trainwreck. did you see the "big tennis match"?

  4. That is so funny!!! We are in SP! You?!

    I just get so freaked out because I had some weird foreign people following my blog for awhile...I'm careful about not saying where we live especially with the baby coming now.

  5. I saw this preview Tuesday and about died. The girlfriends I was with spent the rest of the week waling around saying, "My family, we are as thick as thieves..."


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