Nothing Blonde Hair and Faux Glow Can't Fix

So I've been in a bit of a funk the past week or so. I think between work, wedding planning, and the LACK OF SPRING here in MD I'm just not feeling so chipper. So in order to cheer myself up... I dyed my hair and used some self tanner!

I had said I was going to dye my hair last Saturday, but I totally chickened out! I was a hair dye virgin. I had highlighted my own hair before and dyed plenty of other people's hair but was too scare do to my own! But after talking with my hair/beauty/cosmetics guru (aka my future sister-in-law Brynne) I finally convinced myself to do it. I am so happy I did, it looks so much better!! There is nothing better than brightening up your blond to get ready for summer. I used L'Oreal Superior Preference in Light Blonde 9 and it totally did the trick. I totally suggest using this if you are on the Recessionista (great world B!) beauty plan.
I will say have a bit of blonderexia (I never think my hair is actually as blonde as it is) so I was scared my roots wouldn't turn out but they totally did!!

I also LOVE being tan, but I have (kind of) sworn off tanning beds because I would rather not get skin cancer. I love Mystic tanning but at $25 a pop that is also not on my recessionista beauty plan... so I opted for the cheaper version.
I purchased L'Oreal Subline Bronze Self Tanning Lotion- Medium and L'Oreal Subline Glow Daily Moisturizer- Medium and I mixed the two together and applied it.

I have always found that mixing self tanner with a gradual lotion helps it go on smoother without streaking.
I read great reviews about it on Makeupalley.com so I am hoping it gives me the bronze (not orange) glow I'm looking for. I'll let you know the results tomorrow!

almost Friday :)


  1. I totally want to be a blonde...sigh. It was not to be!

    My pasty Irish skin is dying to know how the lotion/tanner combo goes. I may have to try it out!

  2. Great idea on the tanning front.

    I gave up tanning because I figured it'd be better to not get skin cancer before our wedding, but I was debating going back... I might just have to try this.

  3. I'm with judgeygirl - post pics!!! I need to get brave enough to do this too...but every time I've attempted, it always winds up...orangy blonde. Ick.

  4. A friend of mine uses the L'Oreal bronzing products and she always looks like she just got back from the islands. Seriously, she looks awesomely tan! I hope you have the same results!

  5. I am a total tanorexic, and I've had to resort to the bottle, too. But it instantly makes me feel better about myself, so I say, go for it! And your hair looks awesome in the post above!


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