I have a church, a reception site, and a wedding dress...

So far this wedding planning stuff has been easy! Well not that easy but I've learned that if you want to have a wedding in 7 months you need to get on the ball and get your stuff done ASAP! Apparently I should have been doing all this stuff months ago! So our wedding date is set for August 29, 2009!

K and I are getting married at my family church St. Mary's in Annapolis. I will be honest with you and say K and I were a little hesitant about getting married in the church because we never go to church anymore, I know being busy is a bad excuse but we really are, Sundays are our 1 day to sleep in so it's so hard to drag ourselves out of bed to go. We both grew up Catholic and I went to Catholic school for 12 years and I immediately felt that Catholic guilt when we sat down to have the meeting with the priest about getting married there. I will say that even though the Catholic church is little old school in it's ideals our priest, Father Harrison, is awesome and super sweet like a grandpa so we're happy. Plus I completely forgot how gorgeous my church is I almost couldn't not get married there. We are a little nervous for pre cana though...

St. Mary's Church

The reception site we picked is Historic London Town Gardens in Edgewater, MD. It is one of the most affordable waterfront venues in the Annapolis area and the only Saturday they had available for the rest of the year was 8/29/09 so I felt like it was fate! (I know soo cheesy!)
The venue has an indoor pavilion with glass windows, a deck, a 40x40 area for a tent and then big open grass area that we'll probably scatter with cocktail tables. We will actually have access to 8 acres of gardens with walking trails that line the water, so it will be a good place for pictures and will give our guests something to do.

I am actually shocked that I found my dress! I will admit that I spent about double what I had planned to spend but I also got the dress for 65% off because it was a designer sample sale!! I also found out that the dress that I was in love with did not look good on me at all, which was a little depressing I must admit. I am so happy with the choice I made and I am even happier that I got it at a sample sale because let me tell you, wedding dresses are expensive. Actually weddings in general are turning out to be very expensive.
Here is the dress minus the unattractive jacket the model is wearing in the picture, I did not get the jacket!

Now that I got all the big stuff out of the way I can work on the fun stuff. I think as far as colors going we're working with navy blue, champagne, and ivory because my dress is a little bit more romantic than I had planned it to be.


  1. nat, you're going to have such a lovely wedding :)

  2. What a beautiful dress!!
    Wow-- you've got a lot accomplished! :D

  3. love the dress! its beautiful. glad you left the jacket at the store though :)


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