After Party Sale: Lilly Pulitzer Favorites

If you've followed me long enough you know that Lilly Pulitzer is one of my favorite brands!  I love all the fun patterns and how comfortable and well made the clothes are.  The price tag is steep but they truly do last.  I have some shorts that are over 10 years old and plenty of dresses I've had since Miller was born.

Today is the day most of us Lilly fans wait for all year!  The After Party Sale!!! Lilly Pulitzer never has sales except for twice a year. Once in August and again in January.

Right now the website is queued for the sale to open at 8am! Any link below will take you to the sale to wait for it to open but once it's open I will add all the correct links if the items are on sale.

Here I've rounded up all my favorites:

I'm wearing a size 6 here. It's the perfect length for my height of 5'9 but you'll probably need to alter it if you're shorter 

Here I'm wearing a print from last year but they had this dress is two new prints this year that were just as cute.  This dress is so comfy and can easily be dressed up or down.  I'm wearing a Small here.  

This is one of my favorite shift dresses! It's more formal than the cotton dresses but still so comfortable and hangs so well (doesn't grab any problem areas!) plus it's long enough for me which can be hard to find in Lilly shift dresses.  I wear a 6.   They also make a maxi dress which I want to try.  

I picked up this dress to wear for Easter and I've ended up wearing to a least 3 more events this year!  I love, love, love this style and I'm hoping to buy it in one or two more prints during the sale this week.   I wear a Small.  

This is a new style this year that I really liked.  It came in the solid navy and two prints.  I ended up going with the navy so I would have more options to wear it again and again.  I'm also a size 6 here.  

This was another dress I picked up in the spring and ended up wearing a ton this year.  It's a cute flattering dress that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the shoes or jewelry you wear.   I'm wearing a Small 

(paired here with a Amalie cardigan)
This is one of my favorite Lilly cotton dresses!  I've had this dress for at least 3 years now and still wear it all the time!  It's held up to the everyday wear and tear of life with two kids.  I'm a size Small.  

This is a Lilly staple and I own at least 6 of these!! They are so easy to dress up or down and flattering on most body types.  This sale is the time to buy them!! They're usually pretty expensive but marked down so much during this sale so make sure to snag some.  I'm also a Small in these.  

This cotton top is another staple in my summer wardrobe.  I know I keep saying it but they're comfortable and flattering and truly last! I have some that are over 3 years old that I wear weekly and are still in great condition.   I'm a Medium in Essie tops for a looser/longer fit on my long torso.  

This is another cotton top that became a staple in my closet when they came out last year.  Again it's just an easy to throw on flattering t-shirt that will hold up to life with kids.  I have them in plain, pom-pom, and patterns and love all of them.   I wear a Small in these 

Another Lilly classic these shorts are flattering on most body types.  They have a 5in inseam so I feel like they're a bit more appropriate now that I'm a mom in my late 30s ;)  I'm a size 6 or 8 

I also have a few pairs of Buttercup shorts. They're just Callahan shorts with a scallop hem at the bottom and a 5in inseam.  Again I'm a 6 or 8 in these.  

I have a few pairs of Adie shorts too.  These have a 4in inseam if you're looking for something a bit shorter but not too short.  I also like that these have little slits on the side so they can flattering on us ladies that tend to gain weight in our thighs.   I wear a size 8 in these.  

This was my first year trying a skort and I ended up loving it.  It felt like an easy way to dress up a basic every day outfit.  Plus I found the skorts to be so much more comfortable than I expected.  It was kind of nice to have a pair of built in shorts under my skirt. I didn't have to stress about flashing anyone when I was running around with the kids.  I wore an 8 in the Colette Skort 

This was probably my most favorite purchase all summer long! I wore this skort weekly and I'm hoping to pick it up in a few more prints during this sale.  It was so, so comfortable and flattering. I feel like I got compliments on it everywhere I went.  I went with a size Medium.  

I waited until August to buy this one piece and I'm so mad I didn't get it earlier in the summer.  It's the perfect one piece for a mom who wants some coverage but also wants to look cute and not frumpy or boring.  This one had adjustable straps which is great for those of us with long torso.  I ended up going with a size 8 in this but probably should have gone with the 6.  

Love this cover up!  Honestly it's so cute you could wear it as a dress if you're shorter than me.  I found it to be too short for a dress but perfect as a cover up.  Plus one time I actually tied it around the waist and wore it as a shirt!  I went with a size Small.   

I'm really hoping this shows up on the sale because it's a great spring/summer sweater.  It's lightweight and comfortable so it was easy to throw on over jeans or shorts.  I will probably keep wearing it until it gets cold here.  

Skipper Popover

Last but now least are another Lilly favorite I can't get enough of!  The popover. I own at least 4 or 5 of these and always pick up one or two at this sale every year.  They're so easy to throw on with shorts, leggings, jeans etc.  Plus the patterns are fun to pull out in the middle of winter when I'm over all my boring neutrals 

Are you shopping the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale?  What do you have your eye on?  

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  1. Those dresses are gorgeous but I absolutely love the popover -- so versatile and perfect for every day (while still throwing a splash of color in there)!

  2. I picked up a sweater so far which is random. I need to go back and look at the dresses more carefully. I am curious to see what they release more of over the next few days.

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