2019- The Year of "No Thank You"

Happy 2019 Friends! Is there anyone out there?  Do people ever read blogs anymore? Well whether or not anyone is out there I'm hoping to get back to my little piece of the internet this year!

I know there is always talk around making or not making resolutions and over the past few years (since I always fail at my resolutions) I tried to do the word of the year.  I didn't do much better at that either.  After a lot of reflection over what my 2018 was like and how I want the year of 2019 to look for myself and my family I've decided this is going to be my year of No or more politely said, my year of No Thank You.

There is so much talk around women and self care these days and I realized that my idea of self care isn't a hot bath, a massage, a girls trip, or even a glass of wine.  My self care is doing less, saying no, doing things for me instead of doing things I feel I need or have to do.  I'm not a people pleaser per se but I find that I tend to overextend myself, volunteer for too much, help too many people, fill my plate (or my kids up) so much that I end up stressed out and exhausted. Me, especially as a mom, in that state is not good for anyone.  It's impossible to be the happy on the go mom I want to be when I'm always feeling stressed out or too busy.

So this year I'm hoping to say No to the things I know I can't handle and hoping to say Yes to more things that will fill my cup up in a positive way.  It's taken me a long time as a mom to put my self care first and ask for help so I'm hoping this will be the year I follow through.

I also want to start posting here again and focusing on this blog, not as a job but as the fun hobby it has always been to me. This blog has been my happy place for years and this past year I pushed it aside for other things I thought I had to do and I learned that I've missed it so much. I didn't realize just how happy it made it.

If you made it to the end thanks for sticking by! I have some fun posts planned for this month and can't wait to get back into the swing of blogging.

Do you make resolutions?  Do you have a word of the year?  Do you find that you stick with it? 


  1. YES to all of the NO! That is seriously so healthy and necessary. As the kids get older, there is just so much more asked of you and saying no isn't going to hurt anyone! Happy New Year friend, so glad that you're back here, I've missed you! XO

  2. Welcome back!! I made some goals this year and one is to actually say yes more, but thats because my anxiety gets in the way of social outings at times. However I have learned to say no to a lot, because I need time for myself! It's an interesting combo of wanting to do more but not wanting to do too much.

  3. There is life out here! Haha. So glad to see you back, and I think your year of No Thank You is a great way to head into 2019. I'm excited to see how it shapes your year!

  4. I agree with you! Especially with Walker starting Kindergarten in August, I'm just really focusing on time with my boys (especially him) and doing things that I enjoy -- not, like you said, that I feel I "have" or "need" to do. I hate the word "busy" and am just trying to ensure I never tell my family I'm too busy for them.

  5. Great suggestion! Your blog has been so helpful~ Thank you & Happy New Year!

  6. I don't make them...I think I have in the past, but I know I never stuck to them! Ha.

  7. May 2019 be filled with all your best YESes!!! Looking forward to what you'll share in the new year!


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