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Hi Friends!  I feel like I haven't done a life lately post in ages so I just wanted to pop in here and tell you all what we've been up to!

Life has been so much fun but so, so busy with the boys this year.  I think the boys are truly at my favorites ages right now at 4 (almost 5) for Miller and just about 3.5 years for Matthew.  Their little personalities have just grown so much over the past year and they are the best of friends.  They play all day long together and I love hearing their little imaginations at work. Yes we have plenty of fights and squabbles but I would say most of the time they're getting along and having fun together which I love.

Both the boys started T-ball this spring which has been been fun and hilarious.  Matthew's age is probably still a little too young but it's been so fun to watch.  Miller's age is funny too but they understand it a lot better and the kids do a pretty good job of hitting off the tee.

We had the most glorious weather last week and we were able to spend most of last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday outside enjoying it.  Of course today is in the 40s again... brrrrrr... so I'm glad we were able to enjoy it while it lasted.  Saturday was so warm we were able to hang out at our friends neighborhood beach and the kids even went in the water, even though it was freezing!!

Miller had crazy hair day at school on Monday and I feel like he looks 10 years old in these photos! He's such a little kid these days with not much baby left in him. He had to have cool spikey hair to show his friends ;) 

Kyle and I are heading to California tomorrow for my cousin's wedding.  I'm excited for a little getaway without the kids and warmer weather for a few days.  We are flying into LAX then heading up to Santa Barbara for a night and then to San Luis Obispo Friday and Saturday for the wedding then on Sunday we're heading down to Santa Monica for the night before we fly out Monday.  Again just a quick trip but it will be nice to get away for a few days.

I bought this Lilly Pulitzer maxi dress to wear to the wedding and I'm so excited about it.

I think I'm going to pair it with my new sandals I got from the Shopbop sale: 

I'm not sure about the shoes though, I may end up pairing it with a pair of wedges I already own. Well see how I feel on Saturday ;)  

Alright well now it's time to pack for Cali.  I'll probably end up bringing 30 extra outfits, but you can never be too prepared right?!  



  1. The boys have gotten so big! They are adorable.

  2. The boys are so cute! Love following along on IG!

  3. Never too prepared ;) Have the best time!

  4. Gosh I could just eat your boys up, they are beyond precious!! Have a great kid-free trip... have a glass of wine (or 10) for me!

  5. so happy you have been absent due to having fun with life. Enjoy this time

  6. Those boys are just adorable! Love that their personalities are shining through!

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