Thoughts for Thursday: Birthday Wishlist

It's February, which means it's birthday month!  My birthday is exactly one week from today and honestly I can't even believe how old I'm going to be this year.  This years age just feels a lot older than before.  So in order to cheer myself up I put together a little birthday wishlist.

Kyle and I don't really do big birthday gifts because at this point I pretty much just buy myself whatever I want, within reason of course ;)  But if I was putting together a wishlist here is what I would have on it.

one // two // three // four
five // six // seven // eight 

One. Beautycounter Perfect Match Set- If you've followed me for a little while you know I love Beautycounter products but especially their lip sheers!  Twig has been on my wishlist for awhile now and I love it paired with the bare shimmer lip gloss, I just think it would be such a great combo.  I'm pretty sure I'll probably gift this to myself as a joint birthday and Valentine's Day present ;) 

Two. Tory Burch Brooke Booties- how cute are these Tory Burch booties?!  I feel like they could just really dress up my everyday mom outfits and the black color might be even cuter than the sand.  Maybe I can convince Kyle I need both pairs... 

Three. David Yurman Albion Earrings- these earrings are a huge splurge but have been on my wishlist for awhile now.  I'm not a huge nice jewelry person, I prefer the cheap costume stuff I don't have to worry about it but I think these are classics that I would have forever.  I have a few DY rings and bracelets and I just love how they go with my dressed up or down outfits.  

Four. Jade Roller- So I've been hearing so much about the jade roller and glowpro that I really want to give one a try.  I'm hoping it would help de-puff my eyes on the mornings that my kids decide 5am is an appropriate wake up time.  I'm considering trying a cheaper option from Amazon but everyone is saying just to go for the real thing.  

Five. Canon 50mm/1.4 lens- I'm still in the baby stages of learning to use my camera but everyone says having a prime lens is key to taking better photos so I have this one on my wishlist for once I learn how to really use my camera as an upgrade.  

Six. BeautyCounter Ultimate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette- This eyeshadow palette is another one I'm loving but since I just bought two eyeshadow palettes from BC in the last two months I've decided I need to hold off on this one for a little while so onto my wishlist it goes.  The colors just looks so good! 

Seven. Serena & Lily Suzani Quilt- I've been itching to re-do our master bedroom and the first place I would start is this quilt! I love the colors and the print and think it would just be a fun piece to add to what is a rather boring bedroom right now.  I just need to convince Kyle that it's necessary ;) 

Eight. Cuyana Oversized Tote-  It wouldn't be a wishlist without a handbag on it! I'm loving this oversized tote from Cuyana for spring and summer.  The color is perfect and I love that it has two carrying options if you want it on your arm or on your shoulder.  

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  1. Loving the boots and the bag especially! Happy birthday month!!!

  2. Yay for birthday month! I am just starting to get into Beauty Counter too! I have been testing out their skin care stuff and I'm loving it! Also, love that tote!!

  3. Happy Birthday Month!! I looove my 50 mm lens...I hope you get it :)

  4. Love love that quilt! Hope your birthday month is starting out great!

  5. Loving those booties, but all of these are great picks! Have a great birthday, and thanks for hosting!

  6. Great wish list and I fully support your treating yourself to everything on it!

  7. Those earrings are gorgeous! I’d happily accept any of these gifts ;)

  8. Great list! I am feeling as you too about the age thing - I am considering starting deducting a year each year now from the 'official' age to bring it back to what I want it to be :) A self treat list is definitely the way to go! Love from England - Europafox x


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