Warm Weather Wishlist

So we had two days of 60 degree weather this week and now my brain is all "winter is over and I'm ready for summer!!" Of course it's back to 43 today but I'll take that over 6 degrees any day!  In the meantime while I wait for my two more months of winter to end I've already started dreaming of warmer weather and adding to my wishlist for Rosemary Beach and summer time.

As usual it seems blue, white, and pink take the cake ;)  

one // two // three // four // five
six // seven // eight // nine // ten 

Are you ready for winter to be over?  Have you started your warm weather wishlist yet?  

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  1. I have been browsing (and occasionally buying) for spring already and it makes me so happy! Mostly picking up a few things here and there for the kids, but I am so ready. Love that gingham suit!

  2. that gingham swimsuit is so cute!

  3. Give me one of everything please! I am loving that ruffle one shoulder suit!!

  4. That gingham bikini!!! SO ready for Summer!

  5. Loving that one piece! And the two piece but let's be honest, this mom bod isn't getting into anything like that in the near future ha! I totally gravitate towards blues!

  6. Wow I can't believe you are lucky enough to be shopping for summer clothes! It will only get colder here and we often get snow in March! The Longchamps bag is course a classic - I am not sure how known they are in the US bit they were literally a fashion staple when I lived in Brussels - all the EU professionals thought they were fab as they were strong enough for all of our paperwork! All the Best - Europafox x


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