Thoughts for Thursday: Life Lately

Hi Friends! Just wanted to pop in here and share what we've been up to lately.

We decided to get two real trees this year.  One for our family room and one for our sunroom.  The one in the family room is dedicated to all of our family and kid friendly ornaments that have meaning to us. The one in the sunroom is a 9ft tall tree which I'm going to decorate in red, white, and silver ornaments.  I'm still waiting for a ribbon to arrive from Amazon so I can start decorating it.  

And since I'm officially Christmas crazy this year I have a third tree. Yes a third tree. We have a faux tree that we've had since 2008 that I wanted to put up in our living room. When I pulled it out it was a little sad looking and half the lights were burnt out. So that tree went to the trash and my crazy self drove to Walmart for a new tree.  I ended up getting this one below:

It's not the greatest looking faux tree but it does the job for now! I'm decorating this one in mercury glass, clear, and gold ornaments.  I'm loving the way it's turning out, I'm not done yet and still need to tweak a few things. I'm hoping to put together a holiday home tour post once all my decorations are up.  

The boys are so excited for Christmas this year. This is the first year I think they both really understand the holiday so it's been fun reading them books, picking out our Christmas tree, helping to get the decorations up around the house, and of course carrying all the packages inside every day. I'm pretty sure Miller thinks the UPS guy is Santa Claus ;)   

We prefer dino jammies over Christmas jammies 

Our elf "Elfie" is out for the season.  Miller absolutely hates him and wants him to just go home and get out of our house.  I think he's a little creeped out that a "stranger" is living with us, ha! He does enjoy looking for him every morning.  I'm definitely from the camp of lazy elf and this picture about is about as creative as I get!  

I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season with your family and friends!  



  1. So much fun these holidays--I can imagine it's even moreso now that they really are understanding what's going on! Three trees?? You go! :)

  2. I'm so jealous you have 3 trees in your house! I LOVE your flocked tree! Your decorations look so pretty! And the boys are too cute in their matching jammies!

  3. YES to all of the trees! I laughed so hard at Miller thinking the UPS guy is Santa!

  4. How cute are your boys in their Christmas pjs?! Your trees are beautiful, I am Christmas crazy too!!

  5. I love those pictures of your kids looking for a Christmas tree! And the elf story is hysterical!

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