Gift Guide for 3 & 4 Year Old Boys

1. Walkie Talkies- Matthew got a set of walkie talkies for his birthday and my boys love them! It took them a few tries to get the hang of it but once they did it's been so fun to watch them run around the house talking to each other

2. Lego Juniors Sets - Miller is just getting into regular legos and these junior sets are perfect. Since he's still needs help putting them together these have been a good introduction to legos and hopefully he'll move onto the bigger sets soon as he gets the hang of it.

3. Easel- my boys got this easel about 2 years ago for Christmas and still love it. One side has paper for coloring and painting and the other side is a chalk board.  This brand has been super sturdy and survived my crazy boys for two years so I highly recommend it even though it seems pricey.

4. Super Hero Capes- if you have boys or girls that love super heros you need this set! So much fun for playing dress up and the kids can take turns being different super heros

5. Micro Mini Deluxe Kick Scooter- we got these scooters for the boys last Christmas and they're still a huge hit! I like the deluxe one because you can adjust the handle size so it was perfect for Matthew as a new two year old and will easily adjust for him probably until he's 5 or more.

6. Dinosaur Helmet- I think this is technically a dragon helmet but when Miller was resistant to wearing a helmet last year I bought this and called it a dinosaur helmet and he loved it #gottadowhatyougottado

7. Play- Doh- we love play doh in this house and can never have enough of it.  These are always good stocking stuffers for the boys

8. Magna Tiles- Miller just got into these at school this year. His teacher told me it's pretty much all he plays with so I think we might need a set for home

9. Shark Bite Game-both the boys are so into games now and after seeing about 100 commercials for this one they're obsessed.  Thinking Santa or grandma will bring this one for them to enjoy

10. Hot Wheels Garage- my boys have just gotten really into Hot Wheels over the past few months and really want this garage.  After having dinosaur and animal obsessed kids for the past few years this is a new one for me but it looks like it can do quite a few things and is big enough to keep them both entertained so we'll see if Santa springs for it.

What's on your kids wishlist this year? 

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