Bethany Beach Recap

Hi Friends! Maybe one of these days I'll actually have my life organized and be able to get back to this blog.  Who knew I would get less free time as the kids got older and not more?!  If I thought they were time consuming as infants, every mom with older kids must have been laughing at me!! These toddlers need so much attention all day long, or they get into trouble.  

We returned on Saturday from an awesome week in Bethany Beach with friends!  It was exhausting at times with 6 kids four and under but mostly a lot of fun!  I hadn't been to the Delaware beaches in over 10 years which is crazy considering I spent my entire childhood vacationing there.  It was so much fun to see all the old places I used to visit and let my boys re-live a piece of my childhood.

We arrived just in time for the rain to end and the sun to shine! We were so lucky that our first couple days were perfect beach days, sunny and 85.  We stayed in a house about 2 blocks from the beach and 5 blocks from the Main Street right in downtown Bethany Beach. It was the perfect location in my opinion, close to the beach and walking distance to all the restaurants and shops.

As I mentioned last week we took the boys to enjoy some Kohr Bros ice cream! One of my absolute favorites from childhood! We also managed to eat our weight in Boardwalk Fries and Grotto Pizza.

Most of my outfits were beach casual like this one below, a few of you asked me about it but these Old Navy off the shoulder tops are the best!

Since we had so many kids with us most of the days were spent by the beach all day long!  The first few days were sunny and gorgeous but our last three were overcast but still warm. Thankfully!

Thursday morning of our vacation looked like rain so I took the kids to the park for a bit while Kyle worked.  They have the cutest part right now downtown.  The boys had a blast and Matthew became obsessed with sitting in one of the willow trees in the park.  Miller on the other hand said it was way to scary to even try ;) 

A few nights after dinner were spent running around the beach burning off the excess energy for the kids and enjoying some drinks for the adults.  I love the beach at sunset.   

Both kids were fearless when it came to the water but Miller was able to enjoy it more than Matthew since he's older, poor Matt just kept getting knocked down.

I was able to sneak out one day to get to the outlets and spent most of my money at Vineyard Vines. 

Most of the stuff I picked up is for the boys and Kyle but I did get myself a hat, cover up, and rain jacket.  

The adults were also able to get out to dinner one night to  14 Global a tapas restaurant with good food and even better cocktails.  Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of our night out! 

I made a really conscious effort while we were away to stay off social media as much as I could and I'm proud to say I only posted to Instagram twice while we were there ;) This may not seem like much to some but for someone who usually documents everything I'm working on enjoying the moment more instead of trying to capture it in pictures.  

It was such a fun week at the beach and now we count down until our next vacation in 6 weeks! 
Do you have any fun vacations coming up?  

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  1. 14 Global is great. Next time you are there hit Blue Coastal, it is amazing. I feel like Grotto's is you either love it or hate it. I am in the latter camp!

  2. You look amazing mama! Love that bathing suit!


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