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- I'm so over my kitchen renovation.  I know this is a first world problem and not something I should whine about but I've reached the point where I'm so ready to move back into our house that I just want it done!

- As of last Friday our contractor said at least 4 more weeks. Insert crying face emoji here. 4 more weeks is exciting but I'm also thinking that might really mean 6 more weeks.  Everything just seems to be taking so much longer than I thought it would.  In order give a buffer for any problems we're hoping to move back into our house the second week of April.

- I just really want to be back in for Easter so we can host our annual Easter brunch.

- I'm so ready for spring and summer! We've had a mild winter here which has been amazing but my kids have been sick pretty much every week since the week before Christmas.  It just seems that we cannot catch a break.  Right now they both have a runny nose and cough and Miller has an ear infection

- I do not get the obsessions with these Marc Fisher sandals. I know I'm probably losing my blogger card as I say this. Maybe it's because I'm tall so I usually avoid 4in heels/wedges at all costs but they just don't look comfortable.

- I really need some ideas or suggestions for hiding fruits and vegetables in food.  Matthew is a super super picky eater.  I thought Miller was bad but he's nothing like Matthew.  Matthew is very stubborn and strong willed and will not try new foods.  He has a few staple meals he will eat and that's it.  I'm trying to come up with ways to incorporate new foods so he'll eat them or hide veggies/fruits but I can't seem to do anything to trick him.  I'm about to talk to our pediatrician because he seriously lives on Chobani raspberry greek yogurt and a waffle with butter.

- Since the kids have been sick I haven't been able to get to the gym and I'm back on my eating poorly, being lazy train. It's so bad and I need a diet overhaul.  I cannot do at home workouts, I know some of you swear by them but I just can't do them so I need to change my eating habits.

- I'm thinking I need to try an isagenix or advocare to really jump start my diet. Anyone tried these?  I have some friends who swear by them.

-I really want to wear a bikini this summer, and not just at the beach where no one knows me.  Hence why I need to get my butt in gear.

- But let's be honest is my love of pizza, wine, and cookies greater than my desire to wear a bikini... maybe lolol

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Thoughts for Thursday



  1. I guess I'm a bad blogger too cause I'm not a fan of those wedges either.

  2. I agree about the shoes. I can see how if you're shorter or have shorter legs they would be cute. BUT I have long legs and it just seems like it would make me look silly! Fingers crossed the kitchen gets finished sooner than planned!! :)

  3. I can't wait to see your new kitchen! I'm sure you are itching to get back in your house... almost there! I feel like those wedges look good on all the skinny tall fashion bloggers and would be the pair of shoes I buy and never wear lol. Camden is really bad about eating veggies and meat. We've resorted to giving him those pouches with veggies and protein/fiber hidden in them? I think the brand is happy tot?

  4. To echo everyone else, I'm not crazy about the Marc Fisher wedges. I don't think they are very flattering or attractive, and they look uncomfortable.

  5. Have you checked out Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook Deceptively Delicious? It's all about hiding veggies in food. :-)

  6. Have you tried zoodles? I took my sprializer to a friends and got her daughter to eat zucchini noddles thinking it was pasta.

  7. I feel you on the kitchen reno; we found a massive leak under our dishwasher Saturday and are having to live with my in-law's for two weeks while the contractor makes our house is livable again! Can't wait to get back in my house!

  8. I totally understand where you're coming from in wanting your house back! Even if it's a "first world problem", that doesn't mean it's not a valid issue. :D

  9. Kidsfresh has frozen chicken nuggets that are organic and have veggies mixed in with them

  10. I So can relate to your kitchen remodel! We are 3 weeks into a multi-room remodel too! I went to check on it yesterday and had to walk out. How can there be SO.much.dust?! Will our house ever be clean again?! We are hoping to be back in by April...We shall see! I'm just hoping we're back in before the semester ends! Good luck and thanks for hosting!

  11. I agree with your wonder on those shoes - I do not get it!! I think they're so ugly and they look so clunky! Best of luck with your reno... that is a really long time :(

  12. Hoping your kitchen will be done by Easter for you!! I am totally with you on trying to get back on track with working out and eating healthy...it's so easy to get off track, especially in the winter and when everyone is sick! Good luck! :)

    Trendy & Tidy

  13. I hope you get back in your house soon - I can't wait to see pictures! And I totally don't get the obsession with those shoes either.

    I'm with you on the hiding veggie thing. Do you make your own waffles or use frozen? Abbie is obsessed with pancakes and I usually make a big batch and freeze them, so the last time I did that I shredded zucchini and added it to the batter. She hasn't noticed at all and at least I'm getting a little bit of greens in her. I was also thinking of pureeing some beans to add into them too, or adding squash to mac and cheese. Luckily Abbie likes fruit so at least she'll eat bananas and apples. Food is so hard with kids!!!

  14. https://www.amazon.com/Deceptively-Delicious-Simple-Secrets-Eating/dp/006176793X
    Try this book from the library. It has good ideas.

  15. I do not understand the love for those sandals either.. haha! Also R eats just like Matthew. It totally stresses me out most of the time, but I've tried to be more relaxed because obviously I can't force him to eat fruits or veggies. He gets a multivitamin each day and loves the blue Naked juice. Have you tried that with Matthew? I add it to smoothies for R too with some spinach and fruit. He finds everything else I try to hide in pasta dishes so I'm just accepting defeat. haha

    1. Oh also I started making protein pancakes with bananas and those have been a big hit with R... so you could maybe try those?! Good luck!

  16. Does he eat pouches at all? I can't get Grey to eat much, but he will eat those so we stick with them. I also let my kids use as much ranch as possible on their veggies. I am obsessed with Advocare (I have tried both mentioned) email me with any questions! XO

  17. I pretty much stopped giving snacks and that helped a lot! My son just ate salmon (mixed with mayo and sweet relish) for dinner. My jaw is still on the ground haha. He also now eats broccoli with butter, and a few other veggies mixed in soups like chicken noodle. To reinforce, there were a couple of times he pushed his plate away and that was it, no mas. Seemed to drive the message home.


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