This is 35

Today is my 35th birthday! 

I honestly cannot believe I'm 35.  I am officially five years from 40, I just cannot even fathom that. While I know 35 is not old, it's the first time I've really felt older. Not old per say but I think I'm finally realizing I'm not 25 anymore even if I feel like it most days and that's ok. My thirties have been so good to me and my life has changed so much in the past five years that I don't have one complaint about turning 35. 

Even though I may feel older I feel so incredibly happy and blessed with the people that I get to do life with.  I have the best husband, who despite working crazy hours and traveling a lot, still jumps in to help out with the kids and around the house whenever he can.  I have to the two best little boys in the world.  Miller and Matthew bring me more joy than I ever knew possible (and more frustration at times) but they are truly my entire world and I love that I have the privilege to be their mom. I have the best family.  I don't know what I would do without my parents and my sister and their never ending support. 

I thought it would be fun to share 35 things about myself you may not know... 

1. I'm a night owl.  I usually go to bed around 11:30pm or later.  I used to go to bed early until I started waitressing in college and ever since then I've stayed up late.  I really need to change this habit since I have two little people that like to wake up around 6am but I just can't stop it.  As a matter of fact it's 11pm as I type this post.  

2. I'm one of those people who starts to think of all the things they need to do the minute their head hits the pillow.  I'm so envious of people who fall right asleep without over thinking things.  

3. I used to be addicted to diet coke and would drink 4-5 a day. I blame my mom for this. I gave it up a few years ago but still sneak them every couple months. 

4.  I wear a size 10 shoe.  

5. I am not a fan of bridges.  The Bay Bridge in Maryland being the one I'm most afraid of.  Suspension bridges just give me all the anxiety. 

6. I gave up red meat in August 2007 and have not eaten it since.  It will be 10 years this summer since I've had a hamburger or steak.  

7. In 5th grade I fell off a tree house latter and broke my left wrist.  I'm lucky that was my worst injury.  I had a cast for 8 weeks. 

8. I'm right handed. 

9. My first trip out of the country was to the Bahamas in second grade.  

10. Summer is my favorite season.  I'm much more comfortable in a tank top and shorts than I am in jeans and a sweater. 

11. I love rap music.  

12. I also love country music.  

13.  My first concert was the George Straight Country music festival in 1998 when I was a junior in high school.  My parents were very strict about concerts.  

14. The last concert I went to was Jimmy Buffett in August 2016.  

15.  I love to bake. 

16. I hate to cook. Trying to get better about this one.  

17. I am a spender and I'm thankfully married to a saver who keeps me in check. 

18. I love to read trashy romance novels.  I usually read 3-5 a month.  

19. I used to love murder mysteries until I had kids. Now they just freak me out too much. 

20. I have never been to Disney World. Neither has Kyle.  We don't have any plans to take our kids. Just keeping the family tradition alive.  

21. Kyle and I have been together for almost 14 years. We met summer after junior year of college.  

22. I am a control freak and like to be in control of all situations.  Motherhood has helped tremendously with letting go, but I'm still not 100% there. 

23. Mexican food is my favorite. I would eat it everyday.  

24. Pizza is a close second. 

25. Once I find a dish I like at a restaurant I never order anything else. Ever. 

26. I stalk real estate as a hobby. I have 5 different Redfin alerts set up for different areas around town and cities I love, it makes me want to move all the time.  Shhh don't tell Kyle. 

27. I have tons of outdoor allergies and have to take daily allergy medicine just to breathe normally and not have a stuffy nose.  I'm praying my kids don't get them.  

28. I went to Italy in 2008. It was my first and only time in Europe.  I'm dying to get back soon and take the kids.  

29. I have never been to California.  To top it off Kyle travels there monthly and has for the last 7 years or so, and I've still never been.  

30. I hate exercise classes.  I've only ever done one step class with my sister a few years ago.  I prefer running and lifting weights. 

31. Legally Blonde is my favorite movie.  It reminds me of being a young and hopeful 20 yr old college girl. 

32. I was a Kinesiology major in college. 

33. I ran a marathon in 2007 when I was 25 

34. Miller was born to the song Love the Way you Lie by Eminem. Not a joke and not at all planned. The OR nurses asked if I wanted to listen to the 2011 Grammy winners CD and I was like sure why not. Then as they were saying he was about to be born (I had a c-section) this song came on and one nurse was like oops bad timing, sorry this is the song! We all had a laugh and it's something I'll never forget.  

35. I really hope someone gets me a cookie cake this year. I ask for one every year and no one delivers.  



  1. Happppppy birthday sweet friend! I hope you get lots of cookie cakes today, because you deserve them - especially staying up until 11:30 and then hitting the ground running after two toddlers! Cheers to a new year xoxo
    p.s. You gotta hop on a business trip to California, such a beautiful state

  2. Happy Birthday! Cracking up at the song Miller was born to. ;) And I, too, could eat Mexican food all day, every day, too!

  3. Dying over #34! Hahaha. That would be something that would happen to me -- but hey, memories! Hope you get your cookie cake today. :) Happy birthday!

  4. Happy birthday gorgeous! I hope your day brings you so much joy and happiness! I love rap and country too! Enjoy your special day!

  5. Happy birthday!! Mexican food is definitely the best! Tex-Mex specifically, lol :)

  6. Happy Birthday! I'm the same way with ordering the same things at certain restaurants! And I'm kind of jealous you got to listen to music at all when having a c section! I definitely didn't get that offered ;)

  7. Happy happy birthday! I am forever amazed at people who don't eat red meat. That's just an impressive level of resistance! :) Oh and, I get a cookie cake EVERY year. I don't want real cake. I don't want ICE CREAM. I want a cookie cake damnit...

  8. Happy birthday Natalie:) oh I'm a chronic bedtime overthinker, I have to watch Netflix or something to relax for bedtime. Haha that will be such a funny story to tell your son one day.

  9. Happy Birthday! I am a night owl too it's such a bad habit! If you need someone to come visit in California you know where to find me!

  10. Happy happy happy birthday!! 35 looks amazing on you!! Mexican and pizza are my two favorites too!

  11. Love this!! Happy Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a great day!!

  12. Happy Birthday!! Love getting to know more about you. I hope you get your cookie cake!! :)

  13. Happy Birthday! I enjoyed reading the facts about you, it's great to get to know the person behind the blog better!
    Hope you get the chance to visit Europe again :)

  14. Happy Birthday!!! My husband turns 30 tomorrow which is a big one as well! I loved reading more about you. I live in Montgomery County, MD! I also love Mexican food and pizza! Sounds like you have a wonderful life :). Thanks for hosting!

    Trendy & Tidy

  15. Happy Birthday!! I loved this list :) my husband look at real estate all the time in other cities too!! it's fun to see whats out there. xo jillian

  16. Happy Birthday ! Thanks for sharing - I love Legally Blonde and would say it's my favorite movie ! Yay for turning 35 ~

  17. Your cookie cake comment made me LOL - I always ask for one too, and never get one! Maybe this is the year. Happy 35th!

  18. Your cookie cake comment made me LOL - I always ask for one too, and never get one! Maybe this is the year. Happy 35th!

  19. Hope you had the best birthday! I'm glad I'm not the only 35-er out there ;) I swear we are the same because I could check everything off your list off for the most part!

  20. So many things we have in common! Would definitely join you for some mexican food...late at night! I will tell you that I was a night owl too and sometime around 42 I just could not do it any more. If I stay up past midnight on a night when I have to rise early for work the next day now it will tank me for several days. Blah! Other than that I can tell you it just keeps getting better! Happy Belated Bday!

  21. Happy belated birthday! I was a kinesiology major too - most people have never heard of it when I tell them!


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