Matthew is Two!

As I sit here writing this post at 10:00pm I can't help but think of where at this time two years ago.  I think Kyle and I had just finished eating Thai food after dropping Miller off at my parents and I was trying to fall asleep before my impending c-section the next day.  I was filled with so much excitement and relief, and lots of anxiety. So excited to meet my new baby, so happy to be finally not pregnant anymore, and completely freaked out about a repeat c-section and the idea of having two babies at home.  I don't think you ever forget that feeling of meeting your baby for the first time and in the end it's all so worth it!  

Now that my squishy baby has turned into a strong willed two year old I wanted to give a little update on him.  You can find his one year update here.

Weight: 26lb
Height: 33 or 34 inches not sure, totally guessing here

Diet:  You are the pickiest eater ever.  Pretty much all the foods I listed in your one year update are the only foods you'll eat today.  People are always impressed with quantity you eat (you're a hungry boy) but you have very little variety in your diet and we struggle with fruits and vegetables.  I'm just counting down the days until I can start bribing you like I do your brother to try new foods ;)  

Favorite foods: raspberry greek yogurt, blueberry waffles, shredded cheese, chicken nuggets, lasagna, tacos, sweet potatoes, toast with butter, and apple sauce.     

Clothes:  You wear 2T clothes even though the pants are a little long on you but sorry buddy you're just getting the hand me downs!  You are in a size 6 shoe but are about to bust out of those so I will be ordering size 7s soon.  You still wear a size 4 diaper.  

Health:  In the past year you've unfortunately had RSV, two double ear infections,  Hand foot and mouth disease twice and more colds than I can name. You currently have a post cold cough the dr said could take a month to clear up.  I'm sorry you had to get all the preschool germs from your brother so early but I'm hoping this just means your immune system will be strong before you go next fall!  

Mood:  You are still pretty happy and laid back but you are showing us more of your strong willed side these days.  If you don't won't to do something you will not do it and you will put up a fight.  I never knew brushing teeth or cutting toe nails could be so hard to do but you make it almost impossible.  You are still very sensitive and get your feelings hurt easily but you're starting to fight back with brother which is hysterical.    You are a total mama's boy and you hate to be away from me. I struggle leaving you with any babysitter, even family members you know, because you're just crushed not being with me.  You have become my buddy on the days your brother is in school and it's been so nice for me to get some one on one time with you.  

Likes: You love trucks, cars, trains, planes, boats, any mode of transportation that you can drive or fly around the house.  You still love books and thanks to your brother you have a little place in your heart for dinosaurs.   You are TV obsessed, if I let you, you would spend hours just sitting at the tv watching it.  It's become a bit of a fight between you and Miller who gets to pick a show when it's tv time so I'm thinking I need a to come up with a chart system for you all.

Dislikes: bananas, your car seat, being strapped into anything, getting your diaper changed, not going outside, being told no, brushing your teeth, getting your fingernails clipped, not getting to pick the show we watch on tv, being away from mommy 

Sleep:  You are still the best sleeper ever!! You sleep from about 7-7:30pm to 7:30-8am.  Then you take a 3-4 hour nap everyday going down between 1-2pm.  You are my gift for still having to deal with your brother who at 3 yrs old still hates sleep!  

Milestones:  Well looking back over the past year... 

- you learned to fully walk around 13 months and was pretty much running at the same time. 
- you are a complete dare devil and will climb up anything and everything you can. 
- you took your first plane ride to Cancun in February and your second to Rosemary Beach in May
- we've had you in speech therapy since 18 months and your vocabulary has blown up since then- your favorite expressions are "uh oh broke" and "mom more" when you're hungry.  You also love all the animals sounds and will walk around saying "duck quack, duck quack" after we play in the tub. You're still not nearly as talkative as your brother but we're slowly working on the hurdles that come with being a second born boy with a very talkative older brother (meaning he rarely gets a chance to talk ;) 
- you had your second trip to OBX with the family and loved being able to keep up with the big kids this year 
- you had your first split open head and my first trip to urgent care as a parent but thankfully it was on the back of your head and didn't need stitches! I know this won't be our last trip there 
- you just started playing more with your brother and it's the sweetest thing ever.  It completely melts my heart.

Matthew you have been such a joy for us these past two years and we are so happy you are ours.  We can't wait to see what this next year holds for you!!

Happy Birthday Matty! 




  1. So sweet! Happy Birthday Matthew (and mom)!

  2. Happy birthday to Matthew!! You look like the happiest little guy!

  3. Gosh he's cute!!!!! Congrats on two years mama!!!!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Matthew! You're a lucky boy to have such a wonderful family :)

  5. Happy Birthday!! He is so darling!!

  6. awe, happy birthday!! he's so cute and I enjoyed reading about his milestones and interests (I have a nine month old boy!)

  7. Happy birthday Matthew! I can't believe he is TWO already! I love following along as he grows!

  8. Aw! Happy Birthday Matthew! I can't believe our babies are 2 years old! Time has flown! He is just the sweetest!

  9. Happy 2nd birthday :) I can't believe he is two I can remember reading about your pregnancy! Time flies!

  10. Such a cutie! Those strong willed kids can be a little tough sometimes but when they grow up they do great things. :)


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