Weekend Recap: Spa Day, Appliance Shopping, and a Big Boy Haircut

Happy Monday Friends!  I hope you all had a fun weekend. Ours was busy but in a good way and with no set plans which I always love.

On Thursday I was lucky enough to go to the Four Seasons Spa in Baltimore with my friends Erin and Caroline (hi girls!) to celebrate Caroline's birthday.  If you visit the spa on a weekday then you are allowed to use the hotel pool afterwards.  We all got massages which were amazing and then headed to the pool to eat lunch and spend the afternoon laying out and enjoying some cocktails.  It was so, so nice and such a nice break from reality for a few hours.  It's also the first time I've had a massage in four years!! I don't know why I don't get them more often because they are heavenly.

I wore my LP Essie dress which I picked up a few weeks ago since it's lightweight and easy to throw on.  I think this is my new favorite style this summer! 

Friday the kids and I took a lazy day, which means stayed in jammies while we played outside and around the house.  Kyle was gone all last week and for some reason both of them were waking up in the middle of the night.  Miller got up three times on Thursday night so I finally just brought him in bed with me so I could sleep at 4am.  It was brutal and made me reconsider that whole having a third baby thing... 

Luckily Kyle took an early flight on Friday and was home by 4pm.  We decided to head downtown Annapolis and get some dinner and ice cream with the kids.  We went to El Torro Bravo which we usually love but the food was very underwhelming. My margarita on the other hand was delicious.  

We discovered that Matthew likes spicy salsa and guac!

Sometimes I forget how pretty Annapolis can be.

Miller really wanted to get on a boat and just couldn't understand why we couldn't just walk onto one. So we told him instead he could take pictures in front of the boats if he wanted.   This was him telling me all about his big boat he would have that could hold dinosaurs :)  His little imagination is so much fun these days.
 Lilly Pulitzer Monterey dress// Jack Rogers (all I'm wearing this summer!)  

Saturday we did some appliance shopping for our kitchen renovation.  It was all a little overwhelming but very informative. I learned so much about appliances.  With our last renovation we went with standard appliances but this time we're stepping up a notch so it was a little intimidating.  

We are doing wall ovens, an induction range (because we don't have gas), and a 42in refrigerator.  We are looking at Kitchen Aid, Bosch, and Electrolux.  We are considering a SubZero refrigerator because we really want a side by side vs a French door.  I've had the French door in our last two houses and just don't love the freezer on the bottom.  I felt like it was always disorganized and food got lost.   If anyone has any experience with those brands I would love to hear about them- good or bad.  

After appliance shopping we took Matthew to get a haircut.  We went to Pigtails and Crewcuts,  the kids love it, but I sort of hate it.  While it's fun and entertaining for the kids I feel like their haircuts are always botched.   I really just wanted Matthew to have a little clean up but she ended up cutting off more than I wanted, it's fine I know it's just hair but it was hard for me to cut it.  I really feel like he looks so much older now :(   

Matthew was a champ during the haircut and didn't cry at all.  

After naps we headed to the pool and then had pizza for dinner.  

Sundress cover up (stripe sold out, similar here) // Target sunglasses

Sunday we went down to my parents house for an early swim and lunch.  Then after naps Kyle took the boys to the grocery store and let me stay home.  I promptly poured myself a glass of wine and sat on our back patio reading my book.  It's amazing how good you can feel after a little peace and quiet. 

Here's to a good week friends! 

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  1. I'm so jealous of your spa day! Looks perfect! Good job Mathew for not crying at his first haircut! Camden cried the whole time with his poor guy! It's so sad when they lose their baby curls! Love your cover up!!

  2. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to get that Essie dress. It has gotten so hot down here that I need cotton and the lightest weight possible of all clothes!!! I'm so jealous of you're pool/spa day. We've been getting tons of beach and boat days in lately, but sometimes a relaxing day by a gorgeous pool with friends is all you need :)

  3. I need that dress in every color! Such a fun weekend!! You should definitely go with Bosch or Miele for a dishwasher, they are THE best. Electrolux is a great brand, and GE Profile is another good one to look at. I'm so excited for you!

  4. Love that Lily Pulitzer dress and you look fab in it!

    Lisa @ https://hopewellslibraryoflife.wordpress.com/2016/07/12/reinventing-myself-french-eating/

  5. Wow, that spa day sounds amazing!


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