Thoughts for Thursday: Beach and Pool Essentials for Babies and Toddlers

Happy Thursday Friends!  Since I've started getting organized for our trip Rosemary Beach next month I wanted to share with you all my beach and pool essentials for babies and toddlers.  In my almost three years of parenting (I know I'm pretty much still a rookie) this is what I have found works best for us and these are the things I've come to need/want for the beach or pool.

Beach Essentials for Babies and Toddlers

1. Long sleeved rash guards-  My boys are so fair so these are essential for us! I love these solid color ones from Hanna Andersson or Land's End because they can be paired with so many more swimsuits.  When I'm looking for a matching one I do love the Carter's ones and prices can't be beat.

2. Hats- These are another must for my boys.   My hands down favorite hats are the Hanna Andersson ones.  They have a huge brim and are made of bathing suit material so they can get wet and dry super fast.   They also have a tie on them so I can tie them on and the boys can't take them off.

3. Swim Trunks- This is obvious but I had to share this adorable pair I found from Janie and Jack- how cute is this palm print!

4. Puddle Jumper-  I put these on both my boys, even in the baby pool. Since they're so close together in age and both still need a lot of supervision it's nice to have a slight peace of mind that they are wearing something that could keep their head above water god forbid something happens.  These are also coast guard approved so they can be used on a boat.  I found mine at Target but you can also find them on Amazon.

5. Babyganics Bug Spray- You never know where you might run into bugs and now with Zika virus making it's way possibly up to the US I know I will be using this more this summer.  Babyganics products are my favorite for the kids sensitive skin.  I love that they don't have a ton of chemicals.  This is my best kid friendly bug spray I've found that I can tolerate the smell and feel of.

6. Babyganics Sunscreen-  My favorite sunscreen, again because of the boys skin, but the lack of chemicals is another big plus and after using it for two years we have been burn free (knock on wood) so I know it works.

7. Huggies Little Swimmers Swim Diapers-  For the non-potty trained baby/toddlers these are my favorite swim diapers.  I've found these fit my skinny guys the best and contain what the need to.

8. Sunglasses-  Miller loves wearing sunglasses!  We just picked up a pair of Babiators for him for this summer.  He's so excited for them.  Matthew doesn't want to wear them as much so I have some of Miller's old pairs for him.

9.  Cros or Natives- I have found that toddlers and flip-flop like sandals don't mix.  Since I still want a waterproof sandproof shoe I have found that Crocs or Natives do the trick.  My boys will wear both with no compliants.

10. Go Pod- This was our favorite gadget for Matthew last summer! If you have a baby you want to keep contained but still be part of the action the Go Pod is perfect.  

11. Baby Wipes-  I always keep these with me to wipe off dirty hands, sand, bottles, toys etc.  Baby wipes are the universal cleaner and again the Babyganics are my go-to.

12. Baby Powder-  I shared in my post about traveling with kids that baby powder is a great trick to get the sand off of kids quickly.   I always keep some in my beach bag for a quick fix.

What are some of your favorite baby and toddler pool items?  

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  1. Miller(my Miller haha) has no real summer hats. Plenty of winter hats though. This is a good reminder ;)

  2. Have to say as a mom of 3, the oldest being 10.5 and living at the beach the entire time, I agree with this list! The baby powder trick is a must. I really wish I had the Go Pod back when my first was a baby because we were at the beach practically every day, if not weekend. Have a great trip!
    www.californiatocarolina.com / www.thegymbunnyblog.com

  3. So many things to bring! I've seen all of this stuff with my new-mom friends and it's definitely a lot, but so good to have a safe and happy baby!

  4. I didn't know baby powder helped get sand off easily! I would have used it for myself haha great tip! Xo

  5. Yes to Hanna hats and the puddle jumpers! I so badly wanted to get Noah some Natives. But he didn't like them at all. He said the bumpy soles hurt/annoyed his feet. We instead have some Speedo water shoes that he loves.

  6. Great list! Will be saving this for our summer time!

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  7. Great list!! We haven't hit the beach this summer, but definitely tucking this away for when we do!

    liz @ j for joiner

  8. Love your list!! I would of never thought to use baby powder to get the sand off but, score!! I'll definitely be packing it for the beach this Summer! & those floaties, you've never had issues with them floating up to the faces or anything? I need to get one for Jack for sure!

  9. We love that bug spray as well. Thanks for the reminder to add that to my shopping list.


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