A Day in the Life

It's been so long since I've done one of these and I wanted to share a typical day now that I have two toddlers!

You can find my first day in the life when Miller was an infant here, and a glimpse into two under two here.

Thursday, March 31, 2016
Natalie- SAHM
Kyle- Works in Finance 
Miller- 33 months old
Matthew- 17 months old 

6:30am I am awake for the day, I usually try to get up at 6am but I was up late last night.  I hop in the shower and start to get ready for the day.
Kyle leaves about five minutes after I wake up.

6:45am Miller wakes up.  I bring him into our room and set him up with the ipad while I continue getting ready for the day.

7:05am Take Layla out for a mini walk because our yard was just aerated and seeded so she can't play on it.  It will be an inconvenice for awhile but we'll all survive ;)

7:10am Turn on coffee maker and then head back up stairs to get Miller up and make bed.

7:15am Matthew wakes up, I take the ipad from Miller (mini meltdown ensures).  Matthew still gets a bottle for his milk every morning.  He's pretty much off of bottles but loves his morning bottle, we call it his coffee because he's grumpy until he's finished that milk bottle.
I set the kids up with toys and I start breakfast for them.

7:40am-  Breakfast for the kids.  I sit and drink my coffee with them while they eat.  I usually turn on the Today's show and browse some blogs at this time too.

Eggs, whole grain waffle with almond butter, and fruit (typical breakfast around here) 

8:15am- Matthew is down and playing while Miller is still eating breakfast.  It's partially his slow eating and the fact that he's so distracted telling stories and not wanting to eat. Since he has school today I'm making him finish his breakfast since he rarely eats the snack at school.
I run around cleaning up the kitchen and getting ready to leave for the day.  I also change a load of laundry.  We head back upstairs to change for the day after breakfast.

8:45am- We are out the door for school.  I am always running late and I hate it. We only have a few weeks left so I keep promising myself we'll get there on time everyday until the school year ends.

9:00am- We drop Miller off at school.  It was the day to pick up school pictures, Miller looks too cute in his.  I love his little smile.  I hope he's always so happy and smiley as he is these days.  Matthew and I head back home.  Change laundry, put some clothes away and do some last minute cleaning before our cleaning lady comes at 10am.  

10:00am-  We head out as the cleaning crew arrives.   We take Layla with us since it isn't too cold out she can hang in the car while we run errands.

10:20am- Miller is in desperate need of new pajamas so I head to Kohl's to see if they have any good deals on Carter's today.  They have some dinosaur and dog ones that I know he will love and they're 50% off. Yay!!  I usually go to the Carter's store but I don't have time to drive to Annapolis today, thankfully Kohl's has the same sales.
I also find some cute home decor stuff at only 50% off.  I always forget that you can find good stuff at Kohl's.

 When Miller's at school sometimes Matthew gets to ride in his car seat since his is still facing backwards

11:30am- Pick Miller up from school.   He loves school so much and is so excited that Layla is the car waiting for him.   Since the cleaners are still at our house we head to Chick fil-a for an after school treat.   We end up going through the drive through because Miller doesn't want to go in.  Sometimes he's so exhausted after school and I don't feel like dealing with a meltdown today so we sit in the parking lot and eat and chat about school.

12:30pm-  We are back home to a clean house!  I let the kids play together before we head up for nap time.  We play in the basement until about 1:30pm.  I try to play with them with consists of taking turns and breaking up a lot of little fights.  Some days they play great together other days the spend the whole day fighting over the same toy.

1:30pm- Upstairs for books and naps.  Matthew is great about going down for a nap but Miller fights it many days.  He's probably close to giving up his nap but he has to do an hour of rest time no matter what.  Rest time usually consists of playing quietly in his room with the toys and books we keep in there.  Thankfully today he falls asleep. He usually always does on school days.

While the boys nap I usually blog, read blogs, do laundry, try to organize something.  It varies depending on the day.  Some days I just sit and watch tv and relax.  Today I read blogs, opened up some fun packages, and put away lots and lots of laundry.  I take Layla back outside for another mini walk (just to a little patch of grass by our house where she can go to the bathroom).

3:30pm- Both the boys are waking up from naps.  I bring them in our room for a few minutes and turn on the tv so I can finish putting away some laundry.

3:45pm-  My sister arrives to hang out for a little bit with my nephew.  The kids and I head down stairs for snacks and a little more tv time.  Both my kids need some time to wake up after naps so we usually do snacks and tv after a nap for 30 minutes or so.   We then just play with the boys and hang out and chat.  I love that my sister is home now and has a baby so we can do these random hangouts that we couldn't do before.  It's also fun to play with my five month old nephew and get my baby fix in :)

*This is about the time of day when I stop taking detailed notes and pictures.

5:30pm-  I start dinner for myself and the boys.  Kyle won't be home until late tonight so I don't have to make dinner for him.   The boys are having turkey tacos and I'm having a taco salad.
I pour myself a glass of wine while I cook.

6:00pm-  We sit down to eat and thankfully since it's tacos my kids will actually eat it without having to be bribed!

6:30pm- We head upstairs for bath time and bedtime.

7:30pm- The kids are both in bed.  Matthew will go right to sleep but Miller usually needs about 10 things before he can fall asleep.  A water, a snack, another stuffed animal.  He's become a pro at stalling bedtime.
I head downstairs to clean up from the day and I work on a blog post for a few minutes before deciding I'm just going to go upstairs to read.  Kyle won't be home until 10pm or after anyways.

8:45pm- I head upstairs to get ready for bed.  I usually don't go to bed until 11-11:30pm but I'm really trying to change that because some mornings I wake up so tired and cranky.   I'm aiming to be in bed by 9:30pm lately.

I just bought these and I'm really hoping they work since my hair and skin has been awful post babies.  Has anyone else tried these?  

9:15pm- I'm in bed reading magazines,  I turn the lights off around 9:45pm.   Kyle comes home around 10:15pm and I wake briefly to say hi before going back to bed.

That's my day in a nutshell!  Nothing too crazy or exciting happens and because of Kyle's work schedule I do 90% of the parenting alone and it isn't that bad anymore.   The boys and I have a great routine and they're really good about listening and staying on schedule when it's just me.  I think they know that mommy needs them to cooperate.   I would definitely say this day was a lucky happy day. No major meltdowns or tantrums.  We didn't have any crazy errands to run so it was a pretty typical day.  

What does a typical day look like for you all?  If you have kids is it similar ? 



  1. Girl I don't know how you do this especially with your husband working late! Isn't it crazy that we thought we were busy before having a kid? haha And I love Miller's school picture, so cute!!

  2. I loved reading this because I think often about being a stay at home mom one day. It's got to be so hard having Kyle gone all day and almost all night but it seems you have a great routine with the boys. So nice your sister comes over with her baby! On my days off when it's just Oliver and I, I find myself getting lonely for adult conversation!

  3. This sounds so similar to one of our days! Except we definitely have more crying meltdowns--- especially from my 16 month old! He's a handful right now! I just went to kohls looking for long sleeve pjs on sale and there were none!

  4. I'm so glad you did another one of these so I can see what my future may be like ;) You definitely are super mom! Especially getting through the day with no melt downs! That's a victory in it's self! I always love these types of posts. Sounds like you guys have a great routine and Miller really loves school. At what age did he start going and how often?

  5. Ummm, you're amazing. That's a long day solo, but you're killing it! I'm also dying over M's sweet school picture. His little sweater is darling

  6. Our husbands work very similar hours. I'm on my own breakfast to bedtime but I have two in school now which makes our day easier but also more regimented. I can't believe you make such an awesome breakfast each morning. And I think coffee enters the picture a little too long after you wake ;).

  7. You are super mom!! I love seeing other's schedule. I sometimes think its hard when my husband travels a lot but know that I can do it :)
    Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

  8. Right up until 5 or so my day looks similar except the boys are not mine.. Im a nanny to two 19 month old boys (not twins, friends)... Im expecting now my very own little boy so I love to read these day in the life posts! Thanks for sharing! Xo

  9. I did one of these posts a few weeks ago. My husband works crazy hours too, so I have a similar day with all of the household and parenting responsibilities. :)


  10. I love reading posts like these! Hats off to you for managing such a great routine for the boys, largely alone. Bryce travels so much for work, that I often think about how down the road I'll spend a lot of time parenting solo. I need to start getting to bed earlier too! I made a rule of going upstairs no later than 10 pm, with lights out by 10:30, but haven't been doing a good job with it!

  11. These posts are often my favorite!! I love getting a glimpse into what life is like for other moms! I've been wanting to do one myself. Now if I can just remmwber to document it with pictures!

  12. Thank you SO much for this post. My husband also works in finance and has a similar schedule. I have an 11 month old and am pregnant with our second... A glimpse into your daily routine makes me feel like I am not the only one :) Thank you for being so honest about your day and also for your previous posts about going from one to two kids and how difficult it is to stay home. All of my friends work and sometimes I feel like they don't understand. Have a great week!

  13. I love reading these! Thanks for sharing. Glad that your kids take late naps like my kids and the day my kids give up naps, I'll be so sad! My 5 year old still takes naps. At least he gets an hour of down time in his room, but most days he falls asleep. :)

  14. These are some of my favorite posts to read. I always try to organize myself so I can write one of these and then I totally drop the ball!

  15. yay!! Love these posts. You are still a rockstar in my book. I'm totally amazed how you handle both kids all by yourself most of the time! I'm finally seeing things getting a tad bit easier over here, so I believe what you say that it gets easier!! I've had a day in the life blog post in my draft box for two months now! I've got to get it done. These are my favorite to look back on!

  16. Love these kind of posts! Going to do one myself before too long!

  17. You know I am so nosy and love these posts! You squeeze a lot in a day and have a really good routine down. I am so impressed that your boys eat tacos!!

  18. Oh my goodness you get so much done!! I haven't taken those vitamins before, but I take another brand and love them!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  19. Sounds similar to my schedule, just with one more kid. My husband leaves at 6 am and on a good day home by 7, but often is sometime between 8 and 10. And like you, I've just gotten used to parenting on my own during the week since it's the norm. I too use the iPad in the morning so I can get ready :)

  20. I think those are the sheets I was wanting from Target! haha I feel you on the single parenting during the day. My hubby leaves at 5:30 and returns at 7 and depending on the after work activities it can get kind of crazy but I'm use to it after 12 years and it doesn't stressed me too bad.

  21. I love these posts! Some of my favorite to read. It's so fun to see what a normal day is like in other families

  22. Love this!! Sounds like y'all have a pretty solid routine!!


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