Thoughts for Thursday: Naptime Confessions

Welcome back to Thoughts for Thursday! Remember you can blog about anything you want.  Just grab the button and link up below.  I had another post planned but this week has been rough, so bear with me on a confessions post.

- Matthew woke up Monday night with a fever of 100.3 I finally got him settled and when he woke up Tuesday it was up to 101.3, then 102, 103.3 and then 104.3 at 5pm.  I tried my hardest to not completely panic and lose my mind.  I spoke to a nurse at our pediatrician office because the motrin wasn't doing anything to bring it down and he was miserable.  So I tried Tylenol and put him down for bed at 6:30pm and by 8:30pm his fever was down to 101.3.   I had to wake him up to check because I was so freaked out.  Has anyone else dealt with a fever that high? On Wednesday morning it was down to 100 and then by yesterday afternoon it was gone.  The Dr. diagnosed it as a virus but he also has an ear infection and a bad cough so we got some antibiotics just in case.

- I tried going to bed early last night but Matthew woke up coughing around 11pm and I couldn't get him back down until close to midnight.  Then Miller woke up at 3am and got into our bed because he was scared.  I love the kid but he's the hardest person to sleep with, he was all over the bed, and kept waking me up to ask me questions.  So needless to say I need 10 coffees to get me through today...

- I deleted the Facebook app off my cell phone and it's one of the best things I've ever done.  I felt like I just ended up getting sucked into reading stupid articles or getting angry about drama on our neighborhood page.  All totally useless information that I didn't need to spend time on.

- Over the past few years I've been keeping my hair on the darker blonde side and I'm so tired of it.  I know it's only March next week but I have a hair appointment and I'm going blonde, Super summer blonde again because I miss it so much.

- I'm thinking about doing a no spend March, but then I'm afraid a lot of cute spring and summer stuff is going to come out and I'm going to be sad. #pathetic I know

- I gave up chocolate for Lent and then I totally failed :(  I'm usually so good about following Lent but I completely forgot on our vacation.

- I was going to start potty training Miller this weekend but now that Matthew has been sick and no one has been sleeping I'm thinking about moving it until next weekend. Anyone have any potty training advice?

That's all I've got for today friends! What are your confessions this week? 

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  1. We are potty training this weekend...ugh! Not totally looking forward to it, but happy that the end of diapers in our house is within reach, fingers crossed it goes well!

  2. We just did the potty training thing. Feel free to ask me any questions you have. We started by going completely pantless when at home. We have a lot of hardwood floors and when watching tv or doing something stationary I would put a towel under him. I would just constantly remind him to tell me when he needed to go. If he was wearing a pull up or underwear in this early stage he would forget and just pee. We still put on a diaper or pull up when we went out to run an errand or go to school for the first week. After 2 weeks of no accidents we now go everywhere with underwear or a pull up and he's always dry. For Noah though, it required a pretty big prize to entice him to do it. Every day he pooped on the toilet he got a new paw patrol air pup. He was going to get them for Valentine's Day anyway, so instead we used them as motivation and spread it out over a week. Thankfully he was over the prizes by the time he got them all and now uses the potty with no problem. Sorry for the long comment, but really feel free to ask me any questions :).

  3. Hope your baby boy feels better :( That's such a high fever for a little kid. How is he now?

    So with Sophie what we did was we bought the potty for her and left it out for a few days with me going over and sitting on it a few times a day. And then I'd say I'm peeing while on it (I obviously wasn't), but I would do the whole process of what she should be doing to pee. Then she started going over, pulling her pants down and acting like she was peeing (she never did), then she went over and sat on the toilet (with her pants down) to let us know she had a wet diaper. Now half the time she goes over and pees on her diaper while sitting on the toilet with her pants down. So I'm hoping soon it will be full time sitting on the toilet before she pees and then we'll try without the diaper. Obviously I'm no expert but that's what worked for us.

    liz @ j for joiner

  4. That sucks about the fever. I had a fever that got up to 104 or 105 last year. I missed FOUR days of work. I went to urgent care and they told me I had norovirus. It was the worst sickness I've ever had!
    I want to do no-spend March but I'm with you...I feel like so much cute spring stuff will come out and I'll fail!

  5. Jude has only had a fever like twice, so I would freak out over those temperatures! I'm so glad he's feeling better. So I deleted the FB app off my phone once and I remember how awesome I felt, maybe I need to do it again, thanks for the reminder!

  6. I just got my hair done last night and went super summer blonde!! I'm so excited about it!

  7. Eeeek! I'm totally thinking of deleting the FB app, too! You think go for it?? I gave up chocolate for exactly ONE Lenten Season. I was a junior in college, and I will tell you, I ate A LOT of caramel that winter/spring ;)

  8. I've deleted before and when I did add back I realized I really didn't bother with it much anymore. If it was not for our gym fitness group I think I could totally skip it all together. Hope the boys are better! I really need a no spend month..but like you I keep thinking maybe I'll push it off "just one more month" because I mean surely I will need something new for spring!

  9. Oh sister I feel for you with Matthew having such a high fever!! SO scary!! Maybe try doing a no spending week. That way you can ease into the no spending month! LOL!

  10. Yuck on the fevers, HOORAY for blonde. I straight up bribed SS to get her used to it, and then did a sticker chart (MORE BRIBERY) once she caught on, with a big prize of dinner out and a trip to the Aquarium. It worked.

  11. Can't wait to see your new 'do! And good luck if you do the no spend March! I have barely been shopping the last few months (and haven't been tempted), but now that all the pretty spring things are coming out and I'm ready for warmer weather I want to go on a shopping spree, haha!

  12. I hope your little person feels better soon. I've deleted the FB app before and it was so liberating!


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