Miller's Big Boy Room Plans

Happy Tuesday Friends! I hope you all had a great Valentine's day weekend. Since we're off to Cancun today (woohoo!), ours was super low key.  Dinner at home with some small gifts exchanged and a heart shaped cake.  Exactly what we all needed.

Since we moved into our new house last August (I can't believe it's been 6 months!) Miller's room has been on our to-do list but we've felt sort of stalled with it.  When we first moved here he was in a toddler bed and then we moved him to a double mattress on the floor due to sleep issues.  The double mattress on the floor was working well until we had an incident with Layla. In a fit of anger or jealousy, Layla peed on Miller's double bed mattress.  It was so unlike her but we think the move was a lot harder on her than we anticipated it would be.  We tried cleaning it but it was such a big spot all over the mattress that we just couldn't get the smell out.   It was an old mattress so we weren't devastated but it still was not something we anticipated.   At this point we didn't know what to do so we moved the toddler bed back into his room until we could get out to buy him a new mattress.  Well like magic he started sleeping great in the toddler bed.  Going down easily and sleeping 11-12 hours. As any parent knows once you find a good thing for sleep, you do not go screwing it up!!

There is really nothing wrong with the toddler bed but we know he's going to grow out of it soon so I didn't see the point of .decorating around it when we would eventually change it.  We've decided since he will be three in 4 months it's time to move him up to a big boy bed and give him a big boy room in the next few months!

Here is what it looks like currently:

 This is what you see when you first walk in.  

 Here is his glider and toddler bed.  

 Small shelves that hold keepsakes, books, and a few toys.  

 Another shot of the glider, bed, and his basket of books. 

 Closet and his old changing table.  We really don't use it anymore so it's definitely coming out. 

This was my grandmother's dresser that I painted before Miller was born. It's photographing darker than it is in real life, it's more of a light navy blue but the paint has started to chip :(  I'm going to try to patch it but if I can't I guess I will repaint it.  I'm thinking about changing out the knobs too. 

Here is my inspiration for his big boy room: 

Miller's Big Boy Room

I still love the navy blue and orange colors that I did with his nursery and I think it would be fun to carry over into his big boy room.   The dresser and shelf will definitely be staying.  I just threw that navy one I found online on here to give you an idea.   I really want to keep the glider for the time being too because we still read stories in that chair every night.   I haven't decided on a twin bed (or two twins) or a double bed so once I narrow that down it should be easy to pull the rest of the room together.  I want to add a little table and stools or chairs to the room along with some baskets for toys since we've instituted quiet time if he doesn't nap,  it would give him a little place to play in his room.  

So there you have it!  This is a really loose design board and I promise I will share more details as we narrow down and make decisions.  We are hoping to start working on in March.    

Any advice on twin beds vs double beds?  Will I just wish I bought the double a few years down the road?  I was leaning toward two double beds so Miller and Matthew could have sleepovers or share a room down the road if they wanted to.  


  1. Get the double bed, definitely! Especially for a boy... As they grow up and taller a full bed will be much appreciated. And we have and love those sheets!

  2. I wish we had room in Walker's big-boy room for a double bed, but the room is just SO tiny that we had to settle for a twin bed. I think the smaller size helped him transition to a big-boy bed easier, but I definitely know we'll be moving him to a double (or a Queen) when we move in a few years. SO: all of that to say, I would do the double! :)

  3. Love inspiration.. The colors are vibrant and very boy! In my opinion, if you have he space for the full size bed... Get it.. You'll make he best decision for everyone..! Can't wait to see the end result! Have fun in Cancun! So jealous right now! Haha

  4. First, I want to be in Cancun! Second I adore navy and orange together. I would go double bed. If sleep issues occur you guys will be more comfy and hey it encourages bro sleep overs in the future!

  5. Love the navy and orange combo! I would definitely stick with double bed.. he and Matt can still have sleepovers! You and I slept in the same double bed for YEARS haha!

  6. I slept in a twin until I moved out of the house! Haha, but thanks to being short I felt no need to get a larger bed. But with a room that large, definitely get the double.

    liz @ j for joiner

  7. That PBK dresser is on my list for Nash's big boy room someday...if only I could get it for half price somewhere, haha! And I love the orange glider so much! Have a great time in Cancun!!!!

  8. Love the colors! I'd suggest going for the full size bed. The boys will likely want to share a bed once Matthew moves over to a big boy bed and it's nice for sleepovers and/or guests. We started with a twin, primarily due to space (or lack of) in our Baltimore home, but quickly after moving we purchased a full. Our son loves it so much more- lots of room for his stuffies and him!

  9. cute ideas! i cant wait to see how it all turns out. xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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