Life Lately and Oscar Favorites

Happy Leap Day!   How was your weekend?  Ours was pretty fun, nothing too exciting but nice and relaxing.

I posted this picture on Instagram on Thursday and a few of you asked me about the artwork on the walls. It's from One Kings Lane and is about 2 years old but I've seen it pop up on the site from time to time so keep an eye out for it.   There is nothing better than a clean house (that I didn't clean myself ;) and napping kids.

We were back at the pediatrician on Thursday evening for Matthew's 15 month check up.  He weighs 22lbs and is 32in tall putting him exactly 4lbs lighter and 4in shorter than Miller.  I have a feeling they really are going to look like twins soon.   The doctor also determined that he has a sinus infection instead of an ear infection hence the high fevers he had.   He had to get four shots and was not a happy camper.

 I thought we were in the clear on Friday but he woke up with another fever of 101.  So we stayed in pajamas all day, snuggled and watched movies.

Kyle and I ordered pizza Friday night and tried to watch Fuller House.   I thought it was cute and nostalgic but Kyle thought it was totally cheesy. We only got through one episode but I'm hoping to watch a few more this week and see what I think.  Did you all watch?  What did you think?

I didn't really take any pictures on Saturday but we spent most of the day just doing chores around the house and then headed to our favorite spot Park Tavern for an early dinner.  I wore my new $3 Target aviator sunglasses I got from the dollar bin.  Not going to lie I'm kind of obsessed with them.  I know they'll probably break quickly but they work for the meantime.
Sorry for the awkward selfie 

Kyle left early on Sunday for a "work trip" to Park City Utah so I was on my own yesterday.  After our bright and early 8am swim lesson my mom and sister came over to hang out with me for the day.  
 My mom with her three grandsons.  How adorable is my nephew Jameson?!  So serious all the time but too cute.

It got up to 64 degrees yesterday so we were able to spend most of the day outside, including eating lunch out there and letting the kids run around.  

My sister was wearing these booties and they're so adorable I had to buy myself a pair.  They seem to be perfect for looking put together but still being able to run around with kids.

Did you watch the Oscars last night?  I usually just watch the red carpet and a the first hour but I got totally sucked in last night.   I stayed up waaaaay to late to see if Leo would finally win an Oscar.

My best dressed were:

I was so happy that Leo finally won the coveted Oscar that he's waited years for!  I did find the show a little boring and when did it become a platform for everyone's political agenda?! Not trying to start any debates it's just not the same Oscars I remember watching years ago as a kid.   Maybe it's been like this for awhile and I don't remember since I never make it more than an hour into it.

Hope you all have a great first week of March!  


  1. I also could not watch Fuller House it was so cheesy it made me uncomfortable! hahaha

  2. I totally love the Fuller House cheesiness. It's ridiculous and awesome all at once and Avery is totally into it! We have a thing they're calling the 101 virus going around here and Greyson has it now and so many other kids we know have it!

  3. I only watched one episode of Fuller House and it was so cheesy I lost interest, curious if it gets better.


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