Stocking Stuffers for the Boys

When it comes to stockings around our house we try to keep things practical.  Since we get the boys fun gifts from us and Santa I try to get them the things they need in their stocking.  The boys are so close in age stockings were pretty easy this year and the pretty much got the same things only in different colors ;)

Stocking Stuffers for the Boys

1. Skip Hop Utensil Set - We need new utensils and I thought these were so cute.  Miller is really into sharks right now so we got him the shark ones and Matthew loves dogs so he got the dog set.  They come in some many cute animal designs for boys and girls they're worth checking out.  

2. Crayola Bath Crayons-  I've heard great things about these bath crayons and knew Miller would love them. He's really into coloring right now and being allowed to color in the bathtub will probably make his day!

3. Munchkin bath toys-  all our bath toys are on their last leg and ready to be thrown out so I bought these Munchkin sea squirt ones. I love Munchkin bath products and I know the boys will love these. Munchkin products do a better job staying clean and not slimy like some cheaper bath toys we've had.

4. Jellycat stuffed animals- My boys loved stuffed animals and each sleep with 2-5 a night.   We were out shopping over the weekend for my nieces and nephews when we spotted this shark and raccoon and knew they would be perfect for the boys.  Miller's stuffed animal collection is getting out of control but I love how much he loves stuffed animals.   Check local boutiques for Jellycat stuffed animals but if buying online Diapers.com is my favorite place for a big variety.

5. Orajel training toothpaste and toothbrush-  Miller is due for a new toothbrush and we haven't bought one for Matthew yet so I knew these would be perfect stocking stuffers.   Miller HATES brushing his teeth right now so I'm hoping a new Thomas the train toothbrush will help with this daily chore.  Anyone else struggle with toddler toothbrushing?

6. Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie water bottle-  I've  heard so many good things about these from fellow moms and friends that I finally bought each of the boy one when they were on sale last week.  I'm hoping they live up to the hype of being the best and not leaking!  I know the boys will love the cars/planes/trains/construction trucks so they won't care either way ;)

What do you put in your kids stockings?  Do you do practical or fun gifts?  

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  1. Great ideas! I love the cute little utensil sets!

  2. great stocking stuffer ideas! i should get Vi some cute bath toys. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. I love getting the kids stocking stuffer gifts! It's definitely easier to do practical gifts for them when they're younger. I think this is the first year I can't do that with G unfortunately. He's so into all of the surprise/blind bags and Ugliest Pet Shop, etc.

  4. Cute ideas!! I did some bath toys for Jack as well!

  5. Definitely did practical when the girls were little but now it's more books, art supplies (which I guess are practical), etc. We have lots of those PBK water bottles and I love them. Hand washing definitely lengthens their lifespan but I machine wash in a pinch!


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