My Baby is One and Other Random Thoughts on Thursday

Happy Thursday y'all!  I hope you all don't mind the random stream of consciousnesses posts lately.

So in totally cliche news,  I cannot believe my baby is one!  I think the first year goes by so much faster the second time around since you can't spend every moment staring at them and watching their every move. I'm just not ready for two toddlers in my house ;) We had a great day yesterday.  We did our normal daily activities but then had a little celebration with my parents and sister last night.  Unfortunately the birthday boy was a little cranky and had to bow out of his own party early.   Not to worry though he did get to open his gifts before bed only to have them all promptly stolen and claimed by his big brother.  #secondchildproblems

His big first birthday party with friends and more family is this Saturday.  I decided on a circus theme but decided not to go too crazy with it and enjoy myself as much as I can.  I think it will be so much fun!  I promise to share pics next week.

So my Target has totally been hitting it out of the park lately!  I picked up this leisure tunic as they call it and it's my new favorite. I want to go get it in every color.  It's perfect for wearing out with leggings because it covers your backside and it feels more dressed up than #activewear but it's still comfy sweatshirt material.

I keep eyeing these boots every time I'm in the store but haven't tried them on yet.  They look so cute and I love the color.  I also feel like they would be a good replacement boot while I hunt for the new perfect riding boot.

So I've actually been doing a great job with my book challenge! I mentioned here a few weeks ago that I wanted to try to read a book a week and try to limit my social media at night.
So far I've read The Knockoff, Winter Street, and this week I'm reading the follow up to Winter Street which is called Winter Stroll.  It's been nice to get in bed at night and read for a little bit before. I'm hoping I can keep this up through the end of the year.

I enjoyed this book a lot.  It was very interesting (if it's really true) to see how social media and fashion bloggers have impacted the fashion industry and changed it. 

Elin Hilderbrand is one of my favorite authors because I love her stories about Nantucket.  I was excited to see a story set at Christmas in Nantucket and this one was so good.  I love that there is a sequel so I can keep up with the characters since I really loved all of them.   Which I think is hard to find in a book.  

After I finish Winter Stroll I will let you know what I think and then next on my list is The Luckiest Girl Alive.  

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  1. Those Ellis boots are perfection! I looooooove tunics too, and those look super comfy! You always get me in trouble (the best possible kind) with these posts haha

  2. Love those tunic sweaters!! Oh and the boots too! I'm still on the hunt for a pair to replace my older pair with. The few I really love are REALLY pricy haha! Happy Thursday!


  3. Happy Birthday to your baby!! Target has been coming out with some great pieces lately. I haven't seen the boots, but will look for them, they are fabulous.
    I love getting in bed at night and reading too. It helps relax me and clear my mind. My favorites right now are mysteries, but light hearted ones. I love the cooking/baking theme mysteries. Sooo good.
    Thanks for hosting the link up. Be sure to stop by our blog and join our Tuesday Fashion Party Link Up we have each week

  4. i bought those boots for a replacement while i hunt for a nice pair too. i got the black too and love them!

  5. Your little ones are too cute and I am loving your Target picks!


  6. I need to check out that tunic! And can't wait to hear when M&M have a new cousin!!!!!

  7. Not that I have tons of free time, but that Erin Hildbrand book looks so good and I love books that have sequels! I'm putting it on my list and hopefully report back! Can't wait to see the circus party - have a blast and happy birthday Matthew!!!!

  8. We did a circus theme for Walker's first birthday, too! It was so fun.

    I have been eyeing that sweater at Target and now that I've heard of someone who has it, I think I need to go scoop it up!

  9. Love this! Welcome to the world of two toddlers - it's the hardest job on earth. Other than having 3 or more toddlers, I guess. ;)

  10. The years go by so quick! Happy Birthday, Matthew! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for his circus party. I love Elin Hilderbrand. Winter Street was a fun holiday read.... I had no idea she did a sequel. YAY! I know what I'll be adding to my amazon cart. So glad you mentioned it.

  11. I loved The Knockoff! Happy birthday Matthew! He's not mine, but even I cannot believe how fast this year went!

  12. I still can't believe our babies are (almost) one!! I love those tunics and I've been eyeing those boots at target too!

  13. Happy first birthday! And I totally laughed at the #secondchildproblems! So true! That tunic looks so comfy and yay for covering the bum! I have to read those two new books--I needed some good rec's and am excited to get started!

    Annie- All Things Big And Small


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