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Hi Friends! First of all HOW IS  IT SEPTEMBER ALREADY??? It was just June I swear. Sorry I've been MIA and dropped the ball last week on TfT.  August has been a crazy month for us with the move and plans pretty much every weekend. September isn't slowing down at all but with September come fall routines!! As much as I love summer I'm ready to be back in our routine which includes preschool, play groups, the gym, music class and cooler weather!

Here is glimpse of what's on my mind this week:

- Miller starts preschool next week and yesterday we had meet the teacher and it couldn't have gone any better!! We did a little test run where I left him with the assistant teachers to play for 15 minutes while I got the run down of how this preschool thing works and he loved every minute of it. He said goodbye to me when I left and was so sad when I came back in to get him. When the next little boy came in for his turn Miller gave him a big  hug and was giving the teachers high fives on the way out.   It made my heart melt and I hope he always stays this kind and confident.  The teachers said they think he's socially so ready for this so fingers crossed he stays this happy when I leave him for longer next time.  Sometimes I just can't believe he's  old enough for preschool. Time is flying by.

- Speaking of time moving too fast Matthew will be 10 months old on Friday... HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?? He's my baby and he's almost 1!  I'm in denial about starting to plan his first birthday because I just can't believe it's almost here.
He likes to sit up like a big boy to drink his bottles :(

- This J.Crew coat has me drooling and I can't decide which color I love more...

I'm kind of a coat hoarder and I love bright coats in the winter. I really wanted a blue one last year but couldn't find one I loved but I've also wanted a pink one for years and that pink is so pretty and feminine! The yellow also gives me googly eyes but worry about it with my light hair. What do you all think?? Do you wear bright coats in the winter?

-Kyle and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary over the weekend.  We've been together for 12 years and married  for 6- so crazy! My parents watched the boys for the night so we could go out and enjoy ourselves. It was so much fun to sit at a bar and drink champagne and eat appetizers.  Have I ever told you all I'm a huge champagne fan and if I can get it by the glass I will drink it all night?  #holyhangoversaturday #soworthit #feltlikeiwas25again

I just got the Gigi New York All in One Clutch and I'm OBSESSED! If you don't have one you need  to get one, I waited for a sale and got mine for $70!

I wore my favorite summer outfit- my J.Crew Factory Romper
This is the perfect romper!! Comfy, cute, and appropriate length shorts.
It's on sale now for $38.99  with only size 6 and 8 left. I'm wearing a 6 and it fits perfectly.

-The house is coming along. I promise to share more pictures soon I just still have a lot of boxes to get through and organizing to be done!  In some ways I'm  feeling a little overwhelmed to start decorating another house. I was just starting to get to a spot I liked in our old house and I just want to be back there but I know it will take time.

- I pinned this powder room the other day and I can't stop thinking about  it. I think I want to wallpaper ours but not sure if Kyle would agree to the trellis pattern. Might be a little feminine, but maybe in another colorway. 

- This article from Scary Mommy cracks me up. When did just playing turn into a play date?  Do older kids just get together and play?  Who wants to come drink wine with me at 11am? Just kidding. Sort  of.

Hope you have a happy hump day friends!



  1. I love that powder room! You could totally make it work with that wall paper and just switching out the pink accents for white or black. I love that picture of you sipping champagne, you look so happy and like both of your boys!!

  2. I'm still wondering how we're in September when I feel like we were just celebrating the new year...

    Love your coat picks, especially that blue one!! Happy anniversary too :)

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  3. Obsessed with your outfit! I'm right there with you on champagne, especially in the summer! I can't wait to see the updates on the house!!!

  4. That's so great Miller did so well with preschool! Sounds like it will be an easy transition for him. I can't believe our babies are so close to turning one :( Time needs to slow down! Planning the 1st birthday party is already stressing me out! I love that romper on you and I may have to get one for myself!

  5. Love that coat and you just reminded me that I had told myself at the end of last winter that I was going to get myself a pink coat for winter. The largest size they have left in that color now though is 4, and I like to go a tad larger on my coats knowing that they are going over other layers. I'm going to keep a watch on it though. I do like that yellow one, and the blue is nice too...I also like the navy they have! If you get one, let us know how it looks/fits!
    www.californiatocarolina.com / www.thegymbunnyblog.com

  6. 12 years together; cheers, lady! I can't believe Miller is in school. Feeling old!! The pea coats - in ever shade - are so adorable. You're making me love yellow!

  7. I love that pink coat!! Maybe you can get two?! I would love more house pictures! So glad Miller seems to love school!

  8. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a fun night :) I love that J. Crew coat. The colors are beautiful.
    Have a great day.

  9. I am obsessed with winter coats and I never get a chance to actually wear them, it never really gets cold enough to warrant them...boo! Last year I bought this beautiful white pea coat and never got to wear it, cue the tears, okay not really but I was sad it just sat in my closet unused. But I think you should get the blue one for sure...oh wait the pink...so hard to chose!

  10. That cobalt blue coat is amazing!! I am on the hunt for the perfect red peacoat this year, maybe J. Crew will come out with one closer to the holidays!


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