Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale-Did You Shop?

Calling all  fellow Lilly lovers! Have you shopped the After Party Sale yet? What did you think? Did you get what you wanted?

I had my computer, Ipad, and Iphone app up and ready to go this morning! When I first refreshed my computer at 8am I was 13229  in line with over an hour wait. I then went straight to my Iphone and was able to get right on and shop! I picked up three things (Elsa top in Electric Feel, Karrie Tee in Shell Me about it, Sloane Maxi in Blue yacht sea) I wanted the first time waited for my computer to get on and was able to snag one more (Daphne dress in Pink Yacht Sea). I was so bummed I wasn't about to get the Elsa top or Daphne dress in Red Right Return (my favorite print this summer) but I have it  in another style so I know I'll survive. #firstworldproblems
 I will say I was very surprised that the virtual line ran as smoothly as it did. The wait times were not nearly as long as they predicted and I actually thought it went pretty fast.

I snagged this dress below and all the other items I picked up are already sold out!

If I had an endless budget here are some more things I would have gotten:


Would love to hear your thoughts if you shopped the sale!!


  1. Love the pieces you got, especially the V-neck shift!
    I didn't shop the sale...Im kind of tired of stressing myself out over what I will/won't get during big sales like this. Plus I spent enough money at the Nordstrom anniversary sale this year so I thought giving the credit card a break would be a good idea :)

  2. I scored a cover up for me and a popover for Ss. I thought the virtual line was an improvement but then again I didn't have any problems!

  3. I didn't shop the sale, but wish I had! My bank account is VERY pleased that I did not :)



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