Thoughts for Thursday: Outer Banks 2015

Every year we go to the Outer Banks with Kyle's family. This year marked the 10th year that I've been going with them. So crazy!  It was so nice to be away but it was exhausting with two kids.  Sorry for the picture heavy post!

We left on Thursday July 2rd thinking we were ahead of the crowds but we were wrong. The drive is usually about 6-7 hours for us but traffic was awful and it was raining so it ended up taking close to 10 hours. We got desperate toward the end and let Miller run around in the Chick-fil-a playground thing, which I swore I would never do pre-kids.  I've officially decided those things are genius!

The weather was gorgeous the whole time, we had a little rain here and there but nothing big enough to put a damper on plans.

 It took Miller a few days to warm up to the ocean but once he decided it was safe we couldn't keep him out of it. Running from waves and screaming was his favorite.  Since he's so fair skinned I like to keep a hat on him and this is the only one he would wear. It's from Hanna Andersson and highly recommend them. They have a big brim and they're bathing suit material  so they can get wet and dry out easily.

Matthew on the other hand was not a big fan of the whole beach experience. I wouldn't say he hated it but I wouldn't say he loved it.

  It was hard because he's crawling and putting everything into his mouth so I couldn't really put him down on the sand. He hated being held because he wanted to explore and it was so hot that he couldn't really last more than an  hour on the beach.  He was a trooper though and rarely cried. 

We celebrated 4th of July with the local parade in Duck which was a huge hit with the kids and the adults got to enjoy some fireworks.  I wanted to get some family photos so I had matching outfits for us all except I  forgot mine :( so I'm the odd one out in my bright colors.
 Boys outfits are Smocked Auctions and my top is Lilly Pulitzer Elsa- one of my favorite styles! This is an old print but this one is similar.

Kyle and I were lucky enough to sneak out with his brothers and wives for an adults only date night!
 We went to Aqua in Duck and I thought the food and atmosphere was great!   My J.Crew Factory Romper was a huge hit and I got a ton of compliments on it.  If  you're looking to try a romper I highly suggest this one- fit my long torso and appropriate length shorts.

I really wanted to get pictures of the boys on the beach this year but the day I had planned to do it ended  up being 102 degrees. Since it was so hot we opted for pictures on the deck and they did not go well.

Miller was unhappy from the beginning and then took Matthew down with him. I've decided I'm printing this series and framing it. It's almost too funny not to.

The beach was exhausting with two kids but the memories were so worth it!  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Thanks for bearing with me through the photos.

Until next year OBX

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Thoughts for Thursday



  1. It looks like you guys had the perfect vacation get away! I havent been to the Outer Banks in a while, but our family has been talking about getting a house down there next Summer, so maybe we'll get to visit again soon! Your photos are awesome and have me craving the beach big time!

  2. Why are pics of crying babies so cute? - they are absolutely precious in that pic!!! Gorgeous vacay girl!

  3. Omgosh so fun! Love that you let him run around in the playground even though you said you never would.. Haha.. I feel like we do that often.. What a great romper, I'm checking it out ASAP!

  4. I love the last few pics where it's obvious Matthew realizes Miller is crying so he starts too! So funny! Your boys are so cute and I can't believe how big Matthew is getting!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  5. We love the Outer Banks!!! We just went at the end of May, in the Nags Head part. I love the boys' matching outfits, so sweet!

  6. Oh my gosh those matching outfits.. SO adorable!! Love the beach chair photos.. haha! And you look amazing in that romper!

  7. I didn't realize how exhausting kid vacations are until this year. While I love the change of scenery it makes me need another vacay upon return :)

  8. Looks like a beautiful place to visit! That romper looks fabulous on you. I'm so cracking up on the boys pix....Miller totally took Matthew with him.

  9. I always need a vacation after a family vacation. Kids are exhausting! I also always let the kids loose in CFA when we road trip these days. Otherwise, they are MANIACS!! I love Duck! It's going to get better as they get older and you'll be sipping beers with your toes in the water before you know it!

  10. those last few pictures pricesless and definitely need to be framed! What a great vacation...although vacation might be the wrong word...haha. I wonder at what age it truly becomes a vacation?

  11. Love that cute monogrammed butt! And the pics of Miller crying is amazing and then Matthew starting. Perfect. I think your outfit looks great with the boys, the colors kind of gel...maybe it's because I am looking at it on my computer screen?

  12. OMG I love it! Your family is so cute! It looked like a wonderful trip! The water in the first picture - oh my goodness, gorgeous!

  13. Oh man I love all those pictures and being at the beach with family is truly some of the best memories in the world. I'm dying over the pictures session with the two boys. Their outfits are too damn cute and isn't it the truth that because you planned to get a photo shoot that there was no way you were even going to get one quality photo!! Thats how it always works out:) Love the recap!

  14. Your pictures are great!! I love the 4th of July one with the whole family (and if you print it in black and white no one will know you forgot your match - although I couldn't really tell anyway). Matthew is an adorable beach bum, even if he didn't love it (maybe he will grow too) and Miller looks like he had a blast! Chick fil a play places are the best - especially when they are older and can play with a friend while you watch through the window (although I think that didn't happen until my youngest little guy was 4)! Looks like a great trip - I have the best memories from Duck with family reunions!

  15. OBX looks like such a great family vacation spot! I've heard great things about it! I love your romper and the boys are too cute in their matching outfits! Love the 4 photos of them and you have to frame them!!


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