Life with a Two Year Old

This post is more for me so I can remember all these little details of Miller. So bear with me since it's a little wordy ;)

It has been one month since Miller turned two and we officially have a two year old living in our house.
It has been crazy to watch him change from little baby to little boy over the last year.
Sometimes Kyle and I look at each other and can't believe we have this little person with major feelings, opinions, and personality living in our house.

Miller is all little boy. We cannot get enough trucks, trains, fire trucks, police cars, or construction equipment in our house.  He only likes shows with trucks in them and we talk about every.single.truck that drives past our car or house everyday. I never knew so many different trucks existed.

His vocabulary has gotten so much better over the past few months and it blows my mind to hear what he says sometimes.  I think he learns a new word and phrase everyday.   He remembers every single thing and you cannot get one over on this kid. Ever.  If you get M&Ms from the pantry and share some with him he will remember them and exactly where to find them. If he put a toy on a certain shelf or basket before bed it better be there when he wakes up or he will let you know where it's supposed to be.  If he's been to your house before he will remember where all the toys are and what snacks you had. It's crazy to me to see that little mind at work.  We have quickly realized we have to watch what we do and say around him.

 He loves dressing himself and picking out his shoes. This is one of those battles I didn't think I would be having so soon but I know it's just him expressing his independence and I win some I lose some.

He is a total cuddle bug these days. Constantly giving hugs and kisses to anyone that will take them. He loves to snuggle up and read books or watch a movie with me.  Since Matthew is getting to the age of exploring and not snuggling it's nice to have someone want to snuggle with me again :)
Speaking of Matthew, Miller absolutely adores him. Miller wants to constantly be checking on "my baby" and giving him lots of love, hugs and kisses. If Matthew is crying he will try to do anything to calm him down. It's so sweet!  Miller, in perfect oldest child behavior likes to remind his baby of the rules too and is constantly telling Matthew "No" or coming to get me if Matthew is doing something he doesn't like.  I hear a lot of "Oh no baby no" through out my day.

Miller is fiercely independent yet cautious. He likes to do things on his own and does not like to ask for help or be given directions. This is so hard for me because I want to help him so badly but I know part of learning is failing until you succeed at something so I'm trying to step back and let him explore. As Miller would say, "all me".  (Unless it is dangerous then I obviously supervise)

As with every stage of parenting there has to be challenges, right?  The tantrums, oh the tantrums.  I can't decide if they're worse or better than I thought they would be. Miller is so stubborn and determined and does not like to give up. Ever.  Sometimes I do a great job of ignoring them and other times I lose my mind over them. I think the hardest part is the unpredictability of them.  I can put a snack in a red cup as he  requested and suddenly it's "no blue cup" and then it's the wrong blue one and then it's flailing on the floor kicking and screaming. He can go from sweet to monster in 15 seconds I swear.  We have also entered the "me" and "mine" stage where everything under the sun belongs to Miller and he will let you know with screaming mine or "no me" over and over and  over.   I still wouldn't label it the terrible twos yet, but give me a few months.

I sometimes still can't believe I have a two year old little boy! I cannot wait to see what the next year holds for us and I can't wait to see how Miller's personality grows and develops as he gets older.



  1. He's a cutie!! Life with a 2 year old sounds fun!

  2. Aw that's so cute how he likes to tell Matthew the rules. May I ask how y'all decided on the name Miller? I ask because my husband and I chose Miller for our son due in November this year. Awesome name selection ;)

  3. Aw man, this is good. I've had Brody's 24month post sitting in my draft box for 2 months now!! I've got to finish it. I love being able to look back on these posts because you know how quickly we forget!! This has definitely been such a fun age to watch but totally exhausting at the same time. They are so full of personality and truly learning every second. Its amazing.

  4. Beautiful beautiful boys! It's so interesting to read/watch what people have to say about their kids growing up. Really gives us as readers who may not have kids some insight into reality. Can't wait to see what else you'll be sharing!


  5. Miller is a cutie though, Sophie's nearing her twos and I swear she's a handful. He's precious with the truck talk though. I mean that's cool talk :)

    Sophie's gotten to the stage where she can imitate the tone of what we say without being able to say the word completely. Eeekk are we already at that stage?? And Miller is such a good older brother, if we ever one have another child, I hope Sophie is just as good of a big sibling as Miller is.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  6. Two is a great age! They can be a handful, but the sweetness and all of the exploration and independence that starts to come through is crazy! He seems like such a sweet little guy and I love how into all things boy he is :)

  7. I can't believe how much their minds expand in such a short amount of time! I can't even imagine Cam walking around, let alone talking and having opinions about things! I bet it is so fun to see the boys interact together. Miller sounds like such a good older brother!

  8. This gets me so excited for having a little boy but also scared out of my mind! I swear I think I'm going to have the biggest challenge with a boy because I don't know anything about boy stuff! I guess you just adapt? I think it's so sweet how Miller is always watching out for Matthew!
    Ally- Life as I know it

  9. It is pretty crazy that they truly are little people with their own thoughts & ideas, etc. Matt & I were just talking about that the other night with Jack - wondering what He's thinking & so forth. Miller is so cute though! Love that He loves alll the trucks & tractors he can get!!

  10. He is precious, tantrums and all. It is so crazy to see their personality develop each and every day! I have two that are completely different - which makes me even more excited to see how KC will grow and change as a person.


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