Miller turns 2 and a 4th of July Link up!

Hi Friends! First things first I have to tell you about a fun link up I'm co-hosting this week.  Starting tomorrow and going through July 7th we want to see photos of your kids in their best star spangled gear!! You all know how much I love dressing my boys and holidays are no exception! I have some adorable outfits that I can't wait to show you all, as long as everyone cooperates of course ;)

The link up will start tomorrow on our blogs (all blogs listed below) and you can join us on instagram with the hashtag #starspangledkids

I'm still in a bit of shock that my baby boy is two!! Over the past few months he has turned from little baby to little boy and is so much fun.  As much as it makes me sad to watch him grow up it is so fun to watch him discover the world around and test his independence.  We threw a little party  for him over the weekend. We kept it pretty small but I still couldn't help myself and had to do some little craft projects here and there.

We went with a "things that go" theme since he's into trucks, trains, planes, and boats. 

I get all my party ideas from Pinterest so I can't take credit for making stuff up!  I will hopefully have more detailed pictures of the table later. My iphone died a slow death and I lost all my photos :(. That's a post for another day though.   The printables shown are from Lauren Haddox Designs and Easy Party printables on Etsy. I used Lauren Haddox designs for Miller's party last year and love her stuff!

 There was a lot of playing in the dirt with trucks, which I obviously expected!

I had my dad build this racetrack in the pictures below so the kids could race cars down them. I saw the idea on Pinterest and knew we had to do it.  My dad added a tunnel and used a bigger piece of plywood so a few kids could use it at once. It was a huge hit and so easy for him to make. It's currently living on our deck and it's been keeping us busy after naptime.

 Poor Matthew didn't make it in to many photos but he was there celebrating too.  I can't believe he's going to be 8 months old this week.

Miller loved getting sung to, blowing out the candle, and eating the cupcake which was a huge improvement from last year!

We had such a great day celebrating my big boy turning 2 and I can't wait to see what this next year brings him!


  1. Welcome to the terrific twos! Loving your link-up idea! Now, here's hoping MY two-year-old can keep his red, white and blue clean long enough for a photo!

  2. How cute!! I love the theme and that racetrack, I can't believe he is two!! Excited for the link up! :)

  3. Looks like a fun birthday party! Love the banner!

  4. What an adorable party!! Happy birthday Miller! Goodness your babies are cute! Love the race track idea - much better than our cardboard on the stairs to race cars :)


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