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Today I am so excited to be co-hosting Wino Wednesday with two of my favorite wine loving blog ladies, Amanda from Kids and Cabernet and Linsday from Pink and Fabulous!  If you don't read these blogs yet then you're missing out, so go visit and of course join in the wine drinking fun! Just write about a wine you love and link up at the bottom. 

Kids and Cabernet

Ever since Matthew was born I've been on a white wine kick but over the past few weeks I've been loving red wine again.  Of course right when I decide to enjoy red wine again the temperatures here hit the 70s and 80s ;)  Kyle loves red year round so we always have a nice supply at our house.

My newest favorite is this one that Kyle picked up on a whim about a month ago that we've been drinking every week since. 

Le Grand Pinot Noir stands out from the crowd for it's unique taste (spiced cherries) pedigree (French), and versatility (the only red you can drink with fish). From the Hills of Limoux, in Southern France, Le Grand (Pinot) Noir is an elegant wine that, unlike the rest of the herd, is sealed in a screwcap rather than cork. 

Le Grand Pinot Noir is totally hitting the spot!  It's light and crisp and perfect for sipping on those warm spring and summer days.  If you're looking for a light red for summer I highly suggest this one.  It retails for about $12 at our local liquor store (because you can't buy wine in grocery stores in here in Maryland, stupidest laws ever)  but I know you can find it cheaper at Total Wines.  

I also found these adorable plastic (perfect for outdoor drinking!) stemless wine glasses at Target last week too.  If you store has some of these make sure to snatch them up because they're mostly sold out online.

Sorry not the greastest photos!  Miller was screaming for the Cars Movie plate that was on the bottom shelf so I was trying to move quickly :)

So are you a red or white drinker?   Do you prefer red in the winter and white in the summer like me or do you drink one kind year round ?  Would love to hear about your favorite red!

Want to join fellow wino's?
  • Write a post about your favorite wine (white, red, rose, prosecco, champange)
  • Make sure to include the Wino Wednesday button below
  • Linkup so everyone can see your posts
  • Have fun and find new wine buddies!



  1. Adorable and fun wine glasses. They would be great for my outdoor summer party. I will have to look for those on my next Target run. Linking from Wino Wednesday!

  2. Love the wine glasses! Those are great for the summer time when you want to be outside drinking a glass of wine.

  3. I was just complaining that I'm going to miss drinking reds now that it's warmed up, since I tend to reach for the whites in the Summer so this is perfect! Can't wait to hunt this down. And honestly I love drinking red with grilled meats so will keep this in mind next time we fire up the grill!

  4. Oh this sounds good. I'm just getting into pinots so I'm going to keep my eye out for this one. I usually drink red year round with the occasional white or rose. I usually chill my reds a little to make them more "summer appropriate". Love those glasses you found too!

    Thank you for co-hosting! We loved having you!! xo

  5. Thank you for co-hosting with us love! I will be on the hunt for those glasses the next time I am at Target! I love a good Pinot Noir and this looks and sounds great! I'm always a sucker for a clean label too :)

  6. Ohhhh I can't wait until I can have wine again! I'm planning on having an extra large glass of champagne!

  7. I have always preferred red over white but, like you, when it becomes warm outside I tend to not care for it. A friend a few years ago hooked me up with a wine spritzer....my fave red wine with a splash of Fresca of all things. Fun link up.

  8. Those glasses are perfect! No actual glass by the pool usually means wine in whatever disposable cups we have lying around haha. Can't wait to try this red!

  9. I love pinot noir! I actually love many wines just nothing too sweet or overly fruity, exception is a Sauterne or other dessert wine.
    Have a great day!

  10. Hello, co-host! I'll have to be on the lookout for this as I love Pinot Noir year-round. Such cute glasses, too!

  11. Loving those stemless wine glasses, too cute :)


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