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TGIF! I love short weeks.  I think three day weekends should become a thing. I know I don't actually go to work but having Kyle home to help me makes such a huge difference.

Let's chat about some stuff, how does that sound? Grab a coffee or wine I've come some not so deep thoughts today.

1. Chris and Whitney broke up! 
 Anyone shocked? I mean how many of these couples have even worked? I'm actually happy they did it so quickly because I feel like most of them drag it out for a year even though they're not happy. I think Chris is just looking to become a celebrity and I think his personality on DWTS was telling of what he's really like.

2. A 54in Vanity for the bathroom
I'm officially obsessed with everything in this picture for our bathroom renovation but I can't seem to find a 54in vanity that has two sinks! Anyone have any good resources? It looks  like at this point we might have to get a custom one made but I'm very nervous it will be super expensive. I'm hoping our local lumbar yard could work something up that won't break the bank.

3. Kitchen Back Wall
You guys it's been over a year and I still have no idea what to do with the back wall in our kitchen behind the table. I've been looking for a mirror but I can't find one I love and I feel like I've looked everywhere.  I've been considering adding wallpaper but I don't know, I can't decide if that would look good or not!

4. Unreal 
Have you all seen the preview for Unreal? It's a scripted show that is behind the scenes of a reality show Everlasting, basically The Bachelor. It looks pretty good and  is apparently developed by a former Bachelor producer so  it's got to be good right?  It airs on June 1st on Lifetime and I plan to check it out.

5. Shrimp Avocado Corn Salad
I pinned this recipe that I have been dying to try. It just screams summer (and healthy) to me.

I just discovered this food blog and everything looks so good to me! I wish I was a more motivated cook  to cook something fancy every night.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. Oh that bathroom - stunning!! I cannot wait to redo ours, I love that tile pattern. Must pin! What about art on the back wall? I do love the idea of the mirror. I think wall paper would work, or even a plank wall painted a similar shade of grey? Have a great weekend!!

  2. I knew Chris and Whitney would not last once he started DWTS.. He is more worried about fame then going back to farming!
    Happy Friday

  3. so love the vanity....54" is not a standard size for freestanding vanities BUT try a local cabinet maker or cabinet shop and see if they carry Master Brands or Mid Continent cabinets...they are a great value and can do some semi custom stuff to get that same look (minus the amazing cut out valence on the bottom!). White is normally a standard color and it will prob come out less expensive that a pre-fab one!!! And if you do a built in vanity, you can butt it right up against a wall and get more counter space!!!

  4. I think a subtle but fun wallpaper would look awesome on that wall! Or, have you thought about painting it an accent color (then you dont have to deal with wallpaper) and you can add some sconces or something to it. Just a thought!
    We had trouble with a bathroom vanity as well. Ours was 40" and everything is either 36 or 42 inches. We had to go the custom route. If you do, go to a granite yard for the top--you will save a bunch of money!

  5. Have you ever seen those big pottery barn frames? I think 6 or 8 in two rows would be beautiful, simple, and easy behind your table....

  6. I never liked Whitney for Chris, so I'm glad to hear of the split even though I get sad every time one of those couples don't work out. He seemed down to earth and genuine, and obsessed with his small town farmer life I'm surprised to hear he's somewhat of a fame-whore. Boooo Farmer Chris! I've gotten that fame-whore feeling from Emily Maynard and Andi Dorfmann as well, but loved Desiree such a sweetheart!

    Happy Friday <3

  7. Hi! Mid-Continent Cabinetry makes a 54" vanity with 2 sinks. You can add the bottom valance and the feet to make it look Close to your picture above. The SKU is CVD3-54. Hope that helps you out.

  8. Gimme Some Oven is one of my fave food blogs! So glad you discovered it!

    I think that back wall just needs something with some color...maybe a gallery wall of all different photos/trinkets?

  9. Wallpaper would look awesome on that back wall!!

  10. That bathroom is gorgeous! I'm totally not surprised that Chris and Whitney broke up either, it always seemed that he liked Becca better, she just wasn't into him.

  11. I think a large abstract canvas painting would add a nice bit of color to the neutral color scheme! I agree about The Bachelor - waaaaaay over that show. They all want fame. That vanity is perfection...the entire bathroom actually. Good luck with getting your vision to come through for you!

  12. Love that food blog and that salad is especially yummy! I am all about long weekends and an extra set of hands too and wish they happened every month! I would either get a pretty picture with some soft colors or do a professional photo shoot with the boys and put up two large framed photos there. Have a great weekend!

  13. Ugh Chris annoyed me so much on DWTS. Over him. That bathroom is amazing, although I can't be of any help to you! Maybe you could frame a wallpaper that you like?? Less commitment and work? And looks like art.....

  14. I think they need to just give up on these shows, no one ends up staying together! I love yall's kichen, so crisp and clean! Also loving that bathroom, those tiles are killer! Have a great weekend love!

  15. That avocado corn salad = yum!! How about stripes for that back wall and a picture or mirror? Wall paper would also be pretty. And that bathroom is gorgeous!

  16. That bathroom is gorgeous! Love your kitchen, maybe a gallery wall for the back wall? That would add some interest and color. Or I think the wallpaper would look great too!

  17. That bathroom is gorgeous! I'm really not surprised that Chris and Whitney broke up. She's too good for him. He comes across as a player.

  18. That bathroom is gorgeous, hope you can find the size vanity that you're looking for soon! Your kitchen is beautiful too, a mirror or 2 prints side-by-side would be perfect! Xo, Stephanie

  19. I say try a fun, punchy wallpaper! You could even still add a mirror later if you found one!

    And yum..I need to try that recipe!

  20. This may not be your style, but I think a tobacco basket would look really cool on that wall in your kitchen. We have one and in the Christmas season, we display our Christmas cards that we get on it with itty bitty close pins. Just a thought!


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