Random Thoughts for Thursday

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Thoughts for Thursday
Here are some things I'm loving this week: 

-The Royals-  I am OBSESSED!  Anyone else?  I still have one episode to watch to get caught up but I think it might be my new favorite.  I could go on and on about the characters.  I love to hate Elizabeth Hurley's queen.  The girl they cast as her daughter could seriously be here 20 years ago. 

 Pioneer Woman's French Toast Casserole-  We made this for brunch on Easter morning and it is too good.  Seriously it tasted like dessert, almost like a bread pudding.
 Her photo not mine, I dont take pretty food photos

 Kiehls Original Musk Body Lotion-  I'm always on the hunt for lotion that will hydrate my skin but smells good without being too overpowering.  This lotion fulfills all the requirements.  I've always been a Kiehls fan and can't believe it took me so long to find this lotion.

 Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site- if you're looking for a good book for little boys I highly suggest this one.  This is Miller's current favorite book and we read it at least ten times a day.

 Old Navy Active Ruched Tank- this is my favorite workout shirt right now.  It's perfect for hiding the post-baby tummy and thanks to the stretchy sides it could easily be worn during pregnancy.

- Easter m&ms- I can't stop eating all the candy!! Thankfully it's almost all gone in our house and then as someone pointed out on instagram we don't have another candy holiday until Halloween so phew.   Anyone else always feel like they overindulge on a holiday?

- Miller went down for a nap yesterday with no screaming!! That's the first time that has happened in five weeks.  I'm hoping we're turning a corner with this sleep thing.

- Did I mention I'm supposed to leave for my trip in 2 weeks and I'm seriously terrified to leave my babies?!  I know I will have fun but I can't imagine being without them for 3 days.  Please tell me I'm not alone or crazy. 

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  1. I need to check out that show :) I love shows like that
    What day dose it come on?

  2. Oooh I want that ruched tank top--looks like a trip to Old Navy might be in my future this weekend!
    I watched the first episode of The Royals but then we went on vacation and I never watched another one. Maybe one of these weekends where I have nothing to do I'll get caught up since I've heard good things.

  3. That tank looks like the perfect workout tank! I need to get myself one! And I was so into the Royals a few weeks ago and need to catch up on the episodes! It's definitely a great show!

  4. I LOVE french toast and the Pioneer Woman can do no wrong so I'm sure that is the most amazing recipe!! And don't worry - I was at Target yesterday and all of the Easter candy was 50% off... I may have bought a couple more bags of Cadbury Eggs to get me through ;)

  5. omggg that french toast looks amazing. and lol i totally just bought some easter peanut butter m&ms, robins eggs, andddd starbust jelly beans! so much for trying to eat healthier! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. You are not alone or crazy! I had to bring xanax to get through my first trip away. It is hard, but much easier once you get there. G still loves Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site! We also go Steam Train, Dream Train, which he loves!

  7. I'm totally into The Royals. My husband is slightly annoyed at this! Glad I'm not the only one that got sucked into this show. :)

  8. You need to get Steam Train, Dream Train for Miller too! It's the same author as Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site. Jack loves them both and more importantly I love reading them. Haha.

  9. I like The Royals too, totally reminds me of Gossip Girl,

    Goodnight Construction Site is also one of Hunters favorite books.

  10. YES to The Royals, I'm totally hooked on that show too. I just wish I could binge watch it Netflix style instead of waiting not-so-patiently for a new episode each week :-P

    Have an amazing time on your trip, you'll do great and have a blast!

  11. Oh my gosh, so much to comment on! We have a trip planned in OCTOBER, and I am already missing my babies...you are definitely not alone. Easter candy needs to be banned because I can't even handle myself. LOVE that ON top...anything that hides stuff is an A in my book! I have seen the construction book a million times, but I just added it to my cart, thanks to you. :) I think Cam will love it in his Big Brother package!!! THANKS!

  12. Ooo love that workout tank, so cute! I need to get some new workout clothes!

  13. I made pioneer woman's French toast casserole on Easter too and I think I want that everyday of my life. I've never had a better casserole in my life, and it was so easy!

  14. Oh gosh, so much to comment on, so relatable today!! The Royals!! I don’t know anyone else that watches too but I am so obsessed! I’ve always been so fascinated by the royal family so this show is perfect!! My husband won’t admit it but he even gets sucked in to, ha! The Easter candy has got to go, I can't keep out of it!!

    We’re heading out on vacation in two weeks too! Can’t wait for some time away – It will for sure be tough when you leave them but once your ON your vaca, I’m sure you’ll totally enjoy yourself and they’ll have a great time back at home!!

  15. Prepping for tomorrow's post & just getting to read this post! LOL! Buut, I too am obsessed with The Royals!! Love it!!


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