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Happy April First or Fools day! I'm pretty excited to see April because it's my month to shop for myself and it usually brings warmer weather to the great state of Maryland. 
Over the past few months I tried to make an effort not to buy anything for myself because I wanted to lose some more weight/get back in shape etc. I'm not quite at my target but I'm getting close (and can wear non-maternity pants again woohoo!) and since I've been in mostly maternity clothes for the past 2 years my poor closet is empty and needs some help!

So here's what's in my shopping cart that I will be hitting "place order" on this month... I'm going to try to hold out for sales at much as possible.

I have to thank Ally for this one!  I actually tried these on yesterday at my Loft and they might be my new favorite tank.  Very flattering fit and perfect for chasing the boys around.  They are currently 40% off so snag them while you can!

I love this strawberry ice color and think it will be perfect for Easter and some events I have this summer.  I'm going to head to the loft today to try it on. 

Love the ocean blue color of these but I'm also loving the hot pink too

How cute is this one piece?!  It's only $68 which is good considering a lot I have been looking at are over $100 but it is in juniors sizing and the back dips waaaaay low but I'm going to give it a try! As you can see I'm still loving this blue! 

This one was a given! I cannot get enough striped shirts and this is a perfect transition piece.  Also factory has 50% off everything right now!! So go check it out- I already snagged a bunch of good stuff this morning! 

I'm not sure how these are going to look on but they look so comfortable and I love a good pull on short. 

 I decided to go with this handbag and I snagged it early.  Thanks to the Bloomingdales friends and family sale it was only $86!  I decided to go with the handheld since I feel like most of the bags I've bought lately are baby bags and I wanted one more for me.  It's still a good size so I should be able to use it with the kids when I don't need too much. 

I mentioned this last week as one of my favorite skirts and I'm so excited for the stripe style.  

 How cute is this flutter sleeve top?!  I got it in the navy blue but I'm also loving the green too

 Loving this bag for my Florida trip later this month. I posted about it back in February and at only $24 it's hard to pass up. And of course #stripes

A few people told me they loved this suit when I posted some one pieces two weeks ago so I decided to try this one in the black and white to see which one I like better. It's really cute so I'm hoping it works! 

What's on Your Spring Wishlist?!  



  1. I'm the same way about waiting for sales. Sometimes it works out great and I get something like 70% off. Other times it backfires on me because I've waited too long haha. These are great picks!

  2. I got those Chambray shorts and they are amazing! Perfect for summer!

  3. So many of my favorites in this post! I saw that loft scallop dress and thought about it for Easter! I just got the green jcrew top and have those pink kate spade earrings and I'm not realizing they'd go cute together after this post! Loving all those bathing suits!

  4. That scallop dress is gorgeous!! And that one piece suit is so unique! I love all your finds!


  5. i love that scalloped dress! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. oh man, now you have me perusing the jcrew factory site... crazy deals! love those chambray shorts!

  7. Loving these finds (which are totally going to send me to Loft at lunch!) Those chambray shorts are too cute! I bought the Longchamp tote in large and so far I am loving it. I must say though I miss having a fabulous (ie totally overpriced) handbag!!

  8. Love those flutter sleeve tops! And that striped skirt!

  9. These are all such great picks and will all look awesome on you!

  10. Love those Kate Spade earrings! That blue suit definitely doesn't say "mommy" at all!! ;) Those flutter sleeve tops are super cute and aren't they on super sale today?

  11. I love everything, especially that pink scallop dress! Those earrings are very pretty as well. Loving all of the pretty colors.

  12. Great picks! Love that peach dress from LOFT and those flutter sleeve tops- I'm in need of some more summer work shirts and those would be perfect :)

  13. The spring lines for LOFT and J.Crew have been my favorite, loving your picks! Xo, Stephanie


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