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Happy Humpday!  I hope everyone is recovering from their St. Patty's day celebration.  Mine was super exciting and consisted of laying on Miller's bedroom floor while he fell asleep, which took 45 mins and me saying "it's time to go to sleep" about 100 times.   That's a story for another day though.  I did enjoy some wine and pita pizza #notonmydiet #whoops after that.

- The weather is finally warming up around here and we have been outside enjoying every minute of it!  I seriously cannot get enough of it.   This boy is so happy outside.

- Matthew continues to be the happiest baby ever.  I don't know if it's his nature or a second kid thing but he makes my job so easy. 

- I stumbled upon the most the CUTEST swim trunks, rash guard, and hat for Matthew at Target this week and decided it was going into his Easter basket.  I was quite depressed it didn't come in Miller's size too.  So now I'm on the hunt for cute one for Miller.  (I couldn't find the hat online but it matches the swim trunks print)

- I watched the new show One Big Happy last night that is co-produced by Ellen Degeneris.  I really liked it and think it will be funny.  It does help that Elisha Cutbert is one of my favorite people.

- I discovered another great Instagram auction/shopping site for kids/babies.  The name is Sweet baby tutu.  They have some smocked items but they have a ton of pima cotton brands like Kissy Kissy and Hug Me First for almost 50% off in some instances!! Already stocked up on a couple cute things for the boys this summer.

- I've been having major milk supply issues lately (story for another day) so I made some lactation cookies and I'm happy to say they've been working!! The bad news is I think I ate at least 10 of them yesterday which is not good for shedding the baby weight but I'm ok with that since they are working.   I used the recipe from Milkin Mamas here if anyone is looking for one.

- I DVR'D Southern Charm but haven't watched it yet.  I'm excited to see what I think of this season now that Thomas and Katherine have a baby.

- This little girl's nursery popped up on my instagram feed and I'm obsessed.  Love, love, love! You can find more pictures and details here.

What have you all been up to lately?


  1. I recorded One Big Happy so I can't wait to watch it tonight! Ugh I dread Southern Charm! I actually didn't realize it just started back. I think it's such a stupid show but I know that's because I live here!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. Love Miller and his lacrosse stick!
    My cousin is a NICU nurse at Hopkins and a lactation consultant if you wanted her # to talk. She has helped a few of my friends...

  3. Your boys are just too cute! Loving this warm weather here too! I love those swim trucks you found at Tarjay! I need to find some for Cam. I watched Southern Charm and I'm pretty excited for this season!

  4. LOVE that nursery! And those swim trunks! I wish they had them for big boys, too! I am SO HAPPY to see warmer temps, although we got a dose of it then it was FREEZING again! I am ready to ditch my winter jacket!

  5. That nursery is so pretty and cozy looking! Love the swim trunks! :)

  6. Love those whale swim trunks! Whales look adorable on anything in my opinion!

  7. Glad the weather is warming up. Miller is the cutest thing! I found some really cute swim stuff at Carter's - if I'm not mistaken, they have some with whales!!

  8. Your boys are adorable! So glad that the weather is making it so they can enjoy the outdoors (one more than the other haha :)
    Glad to hear your cookies are working--at least they taste good! :)
    Southern Charm is going to be interesting this year....Thomas and Katherine will prove to continue to be a combination of hot mess again I believe :)

  9. Lactation cookies!? Some woman out there deserves a Nobel Prize for that invention! That's amazing haha and I cannot wait to hopefully have to make them one day ;) The boys look adorable in their festive wear and thank you for the SC reminder...will be checking in on old T. Rav. later this evening.

  10. Omgosh, kids love being outdoors! I find them so much happier once we can be outdoors and enjoy more activities. When in doubt the park is the best place to go. What a cute nursery! Love seeing other people's rooms, especially kids rooms! Xo

  11. That nursery is stunning! Your boys are precious! My kids are so much happier outside too. Matthew seems to have changed so much recently!

  12. Your kiddos are just too cute and adorable in their Paddy's wear!


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