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First off- Spoilers ahead if you haven't watched the final rose yet!

- Yay Chris and Whitney!! It's been awhile since I've really been invested in a Bachelor or Bachelorette (Juan Pablo and Andi were both meh to me) so I was so happy to see Chris pick Whitney!! I think they are the perfect match.    I loved Becca too but I think she was too young for what he wanted and needed to have few more life experiences before she settled down. 
I'm still not sure what Whitney's going to do in Arlington, Iowa but I have feeling he doesn't spend as much time there as they portrayed it.     (PS- I do read the Reality Steve spoilers but it's still fun to see the ending and make sure he's right)

- So two Bachelorettes?!  Um NO. I am not a fan of this idea at all. Britt is horrible and I don't want to watch her cry for another 6 weeks.  Kaitlyn is so sweet and totally deserves to find love but I feel like all the guys are going to love Britt and all her make up.

 Kaitlyn's face says it all! 

- I finished The Girl on the Train. I really enjoyed it but I totally called what happened about halfway through the book.  I won't spoil it for others but there was one little thing that tipped it off to me and I knew what was going to happen.   I will be back this week to share some recent reads and reviews with you all.  I love hearing what other people think about books and getting their opinions on what to read.

- I've been shopping so much for the boys.  Kyle's about to take away my check card (to bad I have it memorized hahaha) Shhh no one tell him that.  I found most of this stuff on Zulily and if you're looking for smocked boys clothes they have a few sales on there right now with a new Vive la fete/Silly goose posting today! 

- I've been holding out shopping for myself so that I can hopefully splurge on a few things in April before my trips.  I have a whole wishlist I'll share with you all tomorrow.   PS what does someone over 30 who has 2 kids wear in Vegas without looking like shes' trying too hard?!

- Matthew has changed so much lately. I swear everyday he does something new.  He's really into "talking" to us right now and whenever we're holing him he just chats non stop. He also just started laughing.  Baby laughs might be the BEST NOISE EVER. 

- Speaking of Matthew- he's still scratching his face at 4 months old! I swear I cut or file those nails everyday and he still gets himself! I can't put mittens on his hands anymore because he sucks on them or his thumb to self soothe.  Any advice??

- I'm back on a big Sauvignon Blanc kick (red makes me waaay to sleepy) and I've been drinking a lot of Nobilo.  It's the best one they have at our closet liquor store and it isn't bad but we're about to do a big wine re-stocking trip so I would love to hear your suggestions!

- We've had warm weather that past two days and it's been so nice to break out of the house and take a walk with the boys.  Miller is so happy to be outside again! 

- I'm obsessing over bright blue for spring and I think I might need to get a new handbag in this color (I have a handbag problem if you haven't figured that out already)

Longchamps are my favorite bags- I have one in everysize and I'm itching for a new one but I do love this Gigi New York one below.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!



  1. Couple of things....The Girl on the Train was good but was predictable. But, I didn't think it was so predictable that I didn't enjoy it.

    Nobilo is one of my favorites, I love a good Sauv Blanc my self. Cupcake is my go to, it is so good and easy to find. And if I am looking to spend over $10 then Kim Crawford is the BEST.

  2. love love that cobalt blue tote from gigi!! and the boys clothes are adorable! xo jillian - stop by! I'm hosting a giveaway on cornflake dreams

  3. I am a sucker for a baby in smocked clothes!

  4. Love that blue! I really only use my Longchamp too...may be time for a new one!

  5. Ohh love that blue, I think that may be my fav color of all time! Matthew is so cute! Excited to see your wishlist! :)

  6. longchamps are my favorite, too! love. i really want to read Girl on a Train and I was totally Team Becca {I grew up in a town just like Chris' and could see her there way more than Whitney/I think he secretly loved her more and she was just afraid of her feelings} BUT hope they are happy together- I couldn't tell last night {from him?!} but again, wish them the best. haha- this show is crazy/I feel like we become invested. :) Love this post!

  7. LOVED Whitney - so excited! And TWO bachelorettes - not my favorite. Definitely pulling for Kaitlin! :) Can't wait to see your wish list, how fun! XO

  8. That blue is so beautiful!! And I totally detest the idea of two bachelorettes! Especially as Britt is in the running

  9. I am so happy he chose Whitney, and his city apartment totally gave it away that he's not there 24/7. Matthew has Miller's eyes! Little twins! I'm reading Girl on the Train right now!!

  10. Stop tempting me with that gorgeous blue Gigi haha. I can't wait for more book reviews and still want to read Girl on the Train (I don't always "get" clues so maybe I'll miss it lol). Baby noises (and purring) are the best noises ever!

  11. Love those blue bags and I just watched the finale today (felt like I couldn't read blogs until I did). And I'm so glad he picked Whitney too... and the two bachelorettes is so weird. Probably to boost their ratings- the audience's reaction was priceless haha!

  12. That color blue is really popular right now. I almost bought a bag from The Limited in the same color! I do not like Britt and I don't know why any guy would want to date her. She is such a whiner! Ugh!

    Matthew is so cute!!! :)

  13. I'm so glad that Whitney won! I think they are great together! The Bachelorette is going to be VERY interesting this season!

  14. I love everything about this post! Smocks, Longchamps, Sauv Blanc? YES PLEASE! And, my opinion about Girl on the Train is mixed...I read it until the end because I didn't know what was going to happen, but as soon as it started to unravel, I started hating the book. Ha! I just read Big Little Lies, too, and I thought the writing was SO MUCH better in that book. I can't wait to read the rest of your reviews!! I need a new book! :)

  15. Cupcake and Kim Crawford are my favorite Sauvignon Blancs. I tend to like New Zealand SB over California ones. I was really suprised he chose Whitney because I never thought he seemed too interested in her. But I think she'll make a good farm wife and really liked him and his family. Two bachelorettes is stupid! But I hope Kaitlyn makes it! Still haven't finished Girl on the Train! So don't tell me anymore!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  16. I'm something like no. 347 in the queue at the DC library for Girl on the Train! Crazy. I guess I'll be reading it in July or so! If you like historical fiction, check out The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. Nazi-occupied France during WWII and two sisters. Really, really incredible, and one of the best books I've read in a long time!

  17. Girl on the Train is our book club pick this month...I can't wait to read it!

    Great minds think alike...I am SO in love with that cobalt tote!

  18. I love most of the cupcake wines and their prices can't be beat. If you belong to Costco, drive over the border into Virginia and you can usually stock up there! I love that blue GiGi NY purse. I owned a Cole Haan purse in that same cobalt color and used it endlessly for years - the color is surprisingly neutral!


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