Thoughts for Thursday: Tell me about YOU and a Quick Reader Survey

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to another Thoughts for Thursday! Remember write about whatever you want, grab the button, and link up below!

Thoughts for Thursday

First of all I would love if you guys could take a quick blog survey for me! It will seriously take you a minute or two. Click the link below. Thank you so much!

Then I want to say THANK YOU for all of your comments and suggestions on yesterday's post! You are all so motivating and I promise to keep you up to date on my progress!

Today I want to hear from my readers!  I've done this before and I loved learning more about my readers and finding blogs/social media to follow along!

1. The further place you've traveled to?
2. Favorite website to browse when you're bored (that's not a blog)?
3. Favorite movie (try to only pick one!)?
4. What's on your bedside table ?
5. Hot Coffee or Iced Coffee ?
6.  Favorite places to buy homegoods/things for your house?
6. Do you have a blog, tweet or instagram?  If so, share so I can follow along!
 Here are my answers: 
1. Florence, Italy
2. Pinterest!! Especially for those late night feedings
3. Legally Blonde
4. Kindle, glass of water, magazines, pacifiers, and burp clothes
5. Iced Coffee
6. Homegoods, Target, Pottery Barn and Ikea
6. Instagram: @eastcoastnat Twitter: @eastcoastnatt

So tell me about yourself in the comments!! 
Now it's your turn!
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  1. 1. Fiji
    2. Pinterest
    3. My Best Friend's Wedding
    4. Tons of books, baby monitor, Moms on Call book
    5. Hot Coffee
    6. Home Goods, Pottery Barn or estate sales
    6. Blog: julieandaaronwilliams.blogspot.com; Instagram: @julesbwilliams

  2. 1. Israel
    2. Pinterest
    3. I'm with you Legally Blonde
    4. Lamp, light, framed picture and tv remote
    5. hot coffee/hot tea
    6. Target, West Elm, Marshalls
    7. @blovedboston for twitter and insta and www.blovedboston.com

    Thanks for doing this loved learning more about you!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Fun questions!! We have some similar answers-
    1. Florence
    2. Pinterest
    3. You've Got Mail
    4. Pictures, IBprofin, phone charger
    5. Hot in winter, iced in summer
    6. Etsy, target, ikea, west elm, and pottery barn
    7. Imkristem on insta, Twitter, and Pinterest ;)
    Have a great Thursday!

  4. HOW FUN!
    1. Seoul, South Korea
    2. Msn.com
    3. Up and Spy Game
    4. Water, Chapstick, wedding rings, picture of me and Le Husband, kindle, phone, lamp
    5. Hot Coffee
    6. Home goods, overstock, target, etsy, on sale boutique items.
    6. http://pinkypersistence.blogspot.com/

  5. 1. San Francisco
    2. Online shopping especially for kids clothes (shrimp and grits kids, Kelly's kids, Nordstrom)- sad I know
    3. Dirty Dancing
    4. Books, jewelry tray, glass of water, eye glasses
    5. Hot!
    6. Local shop, Etsy, Target, Home Goods
    7. @mmdurant7- instagram www.rileypaulandme.blogspot.com

  6. 1. Istanbul, Turkey
    2. Pinterest
    3. Sense and Sensibility
    4. 3 photo frames -- one with a wedding pic, one of my husband and one of a cute post-it note from h
    5. neither! crystal light with caffeine
    6. crate and barrel, west elm, target, IKEA
    6. cornflakedreams = blog/instagram/twitter/pinterest :)

    xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. 1. The further place you've traveled to? Paris/Switzerland/Italy
    2. Favorite website to browse when you're bored (that's not a blog)? Fickle Resale - local to Charlotte
    3. Favorite movie (try to only pick one!)? Amelie
    4. What's on your bedside table ? Lamp, a few books, baby monitor, iPad
    5. Hot Coffee or Iced Coffee? Seasonal - hot in cold weather, iced in warm weather
    6. Favorite places to buy homegoods/things for your house? TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Homegoods
    6. Do you have a blog, tweet or instagram? If so, share so I can follow along! @alizadventures

  8. 1. England/France/Spain
    2. Pinterest
    3. Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood or The Help
    4. lamp, book, iPhone, glass of water, box of tissues, iPad
    5. Hot - even in the summer
    6. HomeGoods, Pottery Barn, Etsy
    7. http://chasingpinkfireflies.blogspot.com

  9. 1. Hawaii
    2. Bloglovin or Pinterest
    3. Dirty Dancing
    4. Pregnancy books, Iphone speakers and a pottery barn lamp
    5. neither.. Coffee blah
    6. pottery barn or pier one
    6. Yes, I can be found at http://instagram.com/ktmcdorourke/ and my blog is http://lifeat4984feet.blogspot.com/ I'd love a new follow :)

  10. This is fun!
    1. France
    2. Pinterest
    3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
    4. Lamp, Bible, books, lotion, tissue
    5. Iced coffee!
    6. Target
    6. www.gracemakesnew.blogspot.com, Twitter- @JubedooStrong, Insta- jujubead2013

  11. FUN!
    1. Abu Dhabi
    2. For sure Pinterest!
    3. Love Actually
    4. 2 Books (Into Thin Air, the Andy Cohen Diaries), a glass of water, lamp, lotion, glasses, picture of me & my husband
    5. Either! I typically make hot coffee, but I love getting iced coffee when I'm out & about.
    6. Home Goods/Marshalls/TJ Maxx, Target, sometimes World Market
    6. @BlairMatthews1 :)

  12. 1. Same! Florence, Italy
    2. Buzzfeed.com a/k/a timesuck.com
    3. My Best Friend's Wedding
    4. Stacked books, my Kindle, headache medicine, water bottle, Chapstick
    5. Iced
    6. TJ/Marshalls/Target
    7. Instagram @recentsomethings
    Loved reading yours!

  13. My first answer is London, but I have the exact same answer to every other question :) No wonder we are blog friends!

  14. 1. Aruba
    2. Pinterest - closely followed by buzzfeed
    3. Airforce One (yes. random. old. but awesome)
    4. Lamp, face lotion, eye cream, tissues, bottle of water
    5. Hot in the winter, cold in the summer
    6. Mmm. Target
    6. I'm a insta-holic :) @lharrelson

  15. 1. SF

    2. Twitter

    3. Sound of Music

    4. Photographs, a lamp, a baby monitor, my cell phone and usually water.

    5. BOTH. As often as possible.

    6. Pottery Barn

    6. www.forthelove-mb.blogspot.com ; IG - melissa_battles ; @forthelove_mel

  16. 1. Australia
    2. Online Shopping
    3. Tough One - Sleepless in Seatle
    4. Book, Candle, Ring Holder, Picture of Matt
    5. Iced
    6. Duh (local), Potterybarn, Wisteria, Homegoods
    7. @homeofmalones, www.homeofmalones.blogspot.com

  17. What a fun idea!
    1. Santorini, Greece
    2. UsWeekly. S bad, but so good.
    3. Moonstruck
    4. Book, hand lotion, photo of me and my husband, and a pacifier
    5. Iced from Dunkin Donuts
    6. Target, obviously. Pottery Barn. Crate & Barrel. Pier One.
    6. Just started a blog! http://winchesterwife.wordpress.com Instagram: jessicaar13

  18. Such a cute idea! I might steal it for my own blog ;)

    1. Mexico
    2. Pinterest!!
    3. Steel Magnolias
    4. A book, lotion, tissues, lamp, always a glass of water
    5. Iced almost always!
    6. Oh, that's a good one-- HomeGoods, Crate & Barrel, Pier One, Target, Marshall's/TJMaxx for the occasional surprise find, online stores (Wayfair, Joss & Main, etc.)
    6. I do indeed blog and Insta! My Instagram name is "mrskatieking" and my blog is http://katiebelle1985.blogspot.com/

    Happy Thursday!

  19. 1. Cinque Terre, Italy
    2. Nordstrom
    3. The Notebook
    4. burp cloth, pacifiers, glasses & jewelry
    5. Iced Coffee
    6. Pottery Barn
    7. yup and you already follow them!! www.happilyeverparker.com @laurapark3r

  20. I love this idea!!!

    1. San Francisco (I'm from NY), but the furthest place that I want to travel to is Australia!
    2. Pinterest (typical, I know), but also celebrity gossip sites. Totally my guilty pleasure!
    3. The Blind Side.
    4. My bedside table also happens to be a bookshelf (I swear I live in a shoebox sized room), so I have books, DVDs, an acrylic tray where I keep my jewelry, and lots of stationery/pens/stamps.
    5. Iced. All day everyday.
    6. PB Teen, Home Goods and Target! I also love re-finishing things that are already in my home.
    7. I just had to transfer my blog to a new URL; http://accordingtoashleyw.blogspot.com! My Instagram is @amwissel88. I think we both already follow each other :)


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