Current Obsessions: For the Kiddos

I've been doing a lot of online shopping lately but to be honest it's mostly been for the boys.  Since I'm not quite where I want to be in weight/shape/sizes so I've decided the boys need new clothes instead.  :)

Here are some of my favorites that may or may not have made it into my cart this week:

 I had these leggings with Miller and LOVE them. They are so sort and comfy and perfect for lounging around the house or playing. 

These are the only socks that stay on infant feet in my opinion.  They can be a bit expensive for baby socks but are totally worth it!  How cute are those little ballet ones for you girl mamas?!

 I know these are so not practical for infants but I think Matthew needs a pair! I mean how cute will they be with those leggings up above?!

Nordstrom Baby Bunting 
 I'm obsessed with this but I totally don't need one since I have quite a few of these from Miller so if you don't have one yet for your baby please pick this one up! I saw it in person and it's so cute! It also comes in this adorable pink for girls.

We are no where near shorts season around here but these Gap knit shorts are another favorite! They are so comfy but perfect for playing outside or at the park.  Since they're inexpensive I don't mind if they get dirty. 

Loving this cozy little one piece outfit for Matthew.   Do you see a theme with the stripes yet?  It's sort of a problem.

I have been looking for a little sailor romper for Matthew for the spring/summer and thanks to Zulily I found it! I was able to snag this for $29.99 this week and they have so much other cute stuff it's taking all myself control not to buy more.

I think this might be the last summer I can get away with Jon Jons on Miller so I've been drooling over this one for him and Matthew! Smocked Auctions is one of my go-tos because you just cannot beat the prices! 

Have you bought anything for your kiddos lately?  Still buying winter clothes or are you preparing for warmer weather?



  1. I always love how you dress the boys. Definitely put Miller in Jon Jons again this summer! I love that sweet little bunting and think it would be perfect for my little one next fall/early winter!

  2. I am dying over all of the cuteness! The last two outfits are absolute musts because they are so damn cute!!!

  3. Ah I still need to get some jon jons for Rowan! I have the hardest time deciding which ones to get! Love that little sailor outfit :)

  4. so many stripes! I feel like everything nash owns is striped. But I can't help myself - it's all so cute. I wish we had somewhere cold to visit so I could put him in that adorable bunting!

  5. I love stripes too!! I'm searching for a baptism dress for KC this morning and picking up a Hanna order. I have yet to find a pit of socks that KC can't kick off. We might have to try these. I had some for Neland and Teague when they were babies. I'm picking up two pairs of hanna ones as I've heard they stay on as well.

  6. yes, I've been loading up on jon jons for brody already too since they will soon out grow them! tear! SA is my favorite!!

  7. How cute is all this :) I love it

  8. I may have to get some of those socks! None of Camden's will stay on his feet! I'm trying to hold back from buying him more snow/winter outfits too... We have several and he hardly wears them bc I'm to afraid to take him out of the house lol! I'm totally obsessed with the stripes too!

  9. Is it bad I wish they made some of those onesies in adult sizes?! LOL xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  10. I just love those Jon jons!! One if the pluses to having a little boy since little girls have the cutest clothes!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  11. I'm still learning boy clothes! Excited about bubbles and Jon jons this summer!

  12. I mean, anything with a cute little hood is too hard to pass up I'd guess! I love all the little striped pieces you found.


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