A Day in the Life: Two under Two

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Thoughts for Thursday

Quite a few of you requested to hear more about life with two under two and how I'm handling it. I'm working on another post about it too but I decided to share a day in the life with you to get an idea of how my days go!

Date: Monday January 19, 2015 
Kyle works and I stay at home with our two kids
Miller- 18 months
Matthew- 10 weeks 

5:30- Matthew is awake and ready to eat.  He was just up 3:30am and at 11 before that so I'm pretty tired. He's still sleeping next to our bed (because I'm lazy) in the Rock n Play for most of the night so I pick him up to nurse him. Matthew usually just sleeps on my chest after he eats and I love that we have some time to ourselves to just lay around.  I usually play on my phone and doze in and out of sleep for the next hour until Miller is up. 

6:30am Miller is awake and yelling out in his crib for us. I put Matthew into the Rock n Play and  I pop into his room, change his diaper and take him downstairs. He gets an applesause pouch and heads for his toys. 

6:40am I go back upstairs to get Matthew changed.  Miller comes looking for me so I take Matthew down half dressed and finish up with him downstairs

6:50-Make oatmeal for Miller and me.  Matthew watches us from the bouncer which I have up on our counter.

7am- I finally make my coffee and Kyle leaves for work.  Miller helps me feed Layla.  This is his new favorite thing to do.

7-7:45 Miller watches Thomas while I get dressed (I change into my I could answer the door if someone rang it and not look like a crazy women clothes), clean up kitchen and answer emails/blog and put Matthew in swing for nap. I don't remember my coffee until 7:20. Thankfully it's still warm

8am- We head into the basement to play while Matthew naps upstairs. 

9am- Head upstairs for snack and to change and feed Matthew.  I try to read books or play an app with Miller while I feed Matthew so he doesn't just mindlessly watch more tv.

9:30am- Matthew plays on his playmat while Miller plays trains and toys until he decides he wants to join Matthew 

10:15am- Miller down for nap. He usually doesn't go down this early it's usually more like 11:30-12 but he was up around 10pm for a hour because he's getting his top molars so I knew he had to go down early.  

10:30am-Take Matthew into our room and put him into the swing and hop into the shower.

11am- Both babies are asleep!! It's a miracle so I try to tackle my to do list. Make phone calls, read blogs, email, laundry, etc.   This is about where I stop taking pictures for the day- so sorry!!

12:30pm- Matthew wakes up. Change him and bring him downstairs to nurse him.  Watch Hart of Dixie that I didn't get to watch last Friday and spend some time playing with Matthew.  He's just starting to coo and "talk" to us which just makes my heart melt.  I love baby coos.   

1:15pm- Miller is awake. He slept 3 hours thanks to exhaustion and teething. This is rare but I enjoyed every minute of it.  Get him changed out of pjs and downstairs for lunch.   Lunch is a really hit or miss meal for us.  I make him a peanut butter sandwich and give him a nutri grain bar.  He only eats the nutri grain bar and drinks some milk.  Oh well. 

2:30- Miller's friend James and his mommy come over to play until 4pm. Thankfully Miller can burn some energy!

4pm- Our friends leave so it's time for a snack and Mickey while I have a diet coke and scroll insta and blogs and feed Matthew

4:30pm-  We play with Matthew which usually involves Miller trying to hit him or squash him until Miller decides he wants to color for a little bit.  He just started to LOVE coloring and crayons and I like it because it's a quiet activiy.  This can be a really tough time of day for both of them and me but today everyone is cooperating so it's a win!! 

5pm- Start dinner for Miller.  It's chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce (he's really big into dipping these days), veggies, and toast for dinner night.    Matthew is back in the swing for a little snooze. Miller is usually in the kitchen helping me or in the family room playing.  I usually turn the local news on so I can catch up with the day's stories. 

5:30pm-  Miller eats while I cook our dinner. We're having turkey tacos.

6pm- We all head upstairs so Miller can take a bath.  He loves bathtime and Matthew loves watching.

6:20pm- We head downstairs so Miller can have milk and watch a Thomas before bed. I usually let him watch two Thomas shows since they're only 11 minutes long.

6:45pm- Upstairs for stories and bedtime. If Kyle is home he will do bedtime with Miller but since he's working late I have to do it and take Matthew with me since he's awake now.  Miller is not happy about having Matthew in his room but we make it work with a few tears and screams. 

7pm- Lights out for Miller so I head back down with Matthew to feed him. Miller usually talks to himself/plays for 10-15 minutes before falling asleep.

7:30pm- Kyle gets home

7:45pm- Eat dinner while Matthew chills in the bouncer

8pm- Watch The Bachelor (Kyle watches too) and take turns holding Matthew until he falls asleep.   We flip between this and Celebrity Apprentice. Usually I have a bedtime routine with Matthew but he's really fussy and just wants to be held.  I'm also exhausted and drained so I don't mind us just holding him.  This is usually when I try to get my blogging done for the next day. 

10:00pm  Upstairs to bed and Matthew transitions to rock n play fine! Yay!! This is always a tricky one.  Let's hope he sleeps until at least 1am so I can get more than 2 hours of sleep.

So that's what my days look like!  They can be long and exhausting but I do feel very lucky that I get to be home with both of my boys all day.

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  1. What a day!! So much happens before noon for you! No wonder you're so exhausted! Loved reading this!
    Ally - Life as I know it

  2. Loved reading this! You are rocking it as a mama of two! Cute boys!

  3. Okay super mama! I don't know how you do it without help until your hubby gets home, thank goodness for coffee right?!

  4. Seriously, what a day!! I'm so nosy - these are always my favorite posts to read ;) Both boys are just so adorable!

  5. wowzahhh busy mama! im so impressed with your schedule! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. WOW!! Thank you for being so honest.. When I was on maternity leave last year i felt like wow how do people do this but you have 2.. You are a rock star.. It is not as easy as some say it is so I love that you are honest.. Your day is jammed pack. BTW I Love Heart of Dixie :)

  7. Wow.. You are superwoman! I'm exhausted just reading this. I admire you. Your boys are too cute for words!

  8. Damn girl.....you are a rockstar and I am so impressed you didn't just fall asleep standing at 10am

  9. Wow, I'm tired just reading this! You're amazing! :)

  10. I got tired just reading this! You have your hands full, but you handle it all so well!! Big claps mama!!

  11. OK, wow! I always wondered what it would be like to throw a toddler in with Camden. I'm not sure I have your energy lol! I now have no excuses for not blogging or making dinner... I love these typical day posts and hope to do one soon as well! Although, yours will put mine to shame!

  12. Good HEAVENS I am exhausted just reading this. HOW do you do that?!

  13. You've got it down, but I know it's not easy! Look at cute little Miller being so helpful by feeding the pup. They're so precious and it's so neat you get this time with them at home when they're little :)

  14. What a rockstar mama doing it with two boys under two! I'm exhausted just reading about all you do!

  15. Your boys are so cute - love the picture of them playing together :) Sounds like a long, but fun day! You deserve lots of chocolate and coffee :)
    Katie @ Sweet Little Ones

  16. You are a rockstar Momma with two precious boys!! Xo, Stephanie

  17. Whew! I don't know how you do it. I think my cup of coffee would need to be full all day long! Your boys are darling! Does Layla drink out of a glass? Disco, our mini GD, has started to drink out of ours if we have them sitting around (we didn't move most of our side tables/coffee table so our glasses are often sitting within his reach on the floor). Sometimes he'll even paw at my glass if I have one in my hand. Silly dog!

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  19. you know how much I love a great day in the life and how curious I am about what life with two is like!! You are amazing Mama!! I've been wanting to do one of these again soon. The book I finally started reading about feeding a picky toddler talked about offering dipping sauces for them. If you saw the ice tray picture on IG, I started giving him a few. He still won't eat meats and pretty much no veggies other than avocado (only if I put it in his mouth so he doesn't have to touch it) but i figure the more I offer it to him the better!! He'll get there eventually. Peanut butter and honey sandwiches are his new favorite. And i'm happy with that :)


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