What's in my Make up Bag? Tess from Tea Time with Tess

Today I have Tess from Tea Time with Tess to share what's in her make up bag! Tess lives in LA with her adorable husband and dog and just completed her first half marathon!! I know they aren't easy so I'm so proud of her.  Her running posts and updates also have me convinced that I can tackle another half marathon next year.  Thanks so much to Tess for helping me out today and make sure to stop by her blog and say hi!

I'm so excited to be here while Natalie gets time to cuddle both of her baby boys! 

I wanted to give you a peak at my make-up bag. I am not a makeup girl. I barely know what I'm doing and since I work from home, I find it silly to have gobs of makeup on my face during the day. 

I use the least amount of products, in the fastest way possible.

These are the products I use every single day. I probably spend 6 minutes going through my little routine. 

Under-Eye: Fake Up
Concealer: Maybelline in Nude
Brows: Gimmie Brow
Lashes: They're Real

And, who doesn't like a little before and after?

What's your must-have makeup piece?


  1. Right now (so boring) but lip balm. My lips are SO dry with this cold + windy fall weather!
    Great post, Tess; and wishing Natalie a big congrats on the new bundle. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. Thanks for having my Nat while you tend to your sweet Matthew! And I KNOW you can do another half girl! Xo

  3. That's the perfect routine and I love that it is only six minutes!

  4. Love a quick makeup routine especially since most days I never even get out of my workout clothes :-/ Eek. The before and after is perfect too !!!

  5. love this!! i'm all about fast and easy!! the before and after are both great!

  6. How fun! I love a quick and easy makeup routine! I have to admit.. mines not so quick and easy!

  7. Clinique BB cream is my must-have! With a little coverage and SPF, I won't go out into the elements without it!

    Thanks for sharing!

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