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Hi Everyone! Today I have Ally from Life as I know it sharing her favorite room in her house. I've been hooked on Ally's blog ever since I found it about a year or so ago. She is tall like me so can relate to all my #tallgirl problems, has the cutest doodle Pixie who I know Layla would love, she loves good food and wine, and she has a killer wardrobe. If I lived in Charleston I would be borrowing clothes from her all the time!  Thanks so much for guest posting for me Ally and make sure you stop and say Hi- after seeing this room I'm convinced we need a house tour! 


Hello! My name is Ally and I blog over at Life as I know it. I was so honored when Natalie asked me to guest post for her while she's out having her baby boy! She gave us a couple of topics we could choose from and I instantly picked to post about my favorite room in my house, my dining room. It's kind of funny because although this is my favorite room it's my husband's least favorite. I get why he doesn't like it, we never use it! It's a fairly big room and in his eyes is just wasted space. I love it because it has so much history in it. Enough talking, here's a tour:

It's the first room on the right as soon as you walk in our house:


This table was used by my great grandmother, my grandmother, my uncle, and has been passed down to me. It's actually in pretty decent shape but I love it for the history it has. The wood has a good bit of scratches on it and it's really hard to pull it apart to make it longer and use the leaf but I love that it's been passed down from generation to generation. It had a 6th chair but unfortunately it broke through the years. 

On the right wall of the dining room is a shadowbox with my dried wedding bouquet. Funny story, my husband's aunt had my bouquet for over a year and kept telling she had it drying and if I wanted it because she'll just throw it away. I kept telling her no I don't want, what would I do with it? Literally the next week I went to an Estate Sale, bought this shadowbox and decided my wedding bouquet would be awesome in it. I called his aunt quickly to make sure she hadn't thrown it away, she luckily hadn't, so I took a good bit of  the flowers out and rearranged the bouquet to make it fit. It's just a little special something to remember from our wedding. 

This massive picture, it's massive in real life, it looks small here, was a wedding gift from one of Theo's uncles. It's the Charleston harbor in 1739 back when Charleston was called Charlestowne. This was really special to us because Theo and I have lived in Charleston our whole lives. Plus it's just a cool picture.

On the left side of the room is a bar cart my mom passed down to me. About a year ago I was looking for one for the dining room and my mom said she had one in her attic and I was welcome to have it. When we have parties or if it's a special occasion I'll put fresh flowers on it but it mainly serves as a house for Theo's liquor. 

On the other left side of the room is this amazing art I found at a consignment store. It's handmade string art and I thought it went so well with the Charleston harbor picture. I believe it was made in the 1970's and it's extremely fragile. Those strings are barely on the nails. I got it for a crazy price too. When I saw it I just knew it was going to be a couple hundred dollars. It was on clearance and I think I paid $45. 

The rug under the table was a rug my mom won in an auction. It has also become the rug where Pixie likes to relieve herself on. :) I'm not too keen on the fabric on the chairs but somehow they go with the rug. I may reupholster them in the future since they're kind of outdated looking but for now it works.

The view of the dining room from the kitchen. Pixie lying in her "spot" wondering what the heck I'm doing. 

So that's my dining room. I would like to get a fiddle leaf fig in the future to fill the space. Theo has others plans and wants to turn it into a bar/man cave. I told him I can't imagine not having a house without a dining room even if we never use. I think once we have kids we'll use it more and when I had a friends' wedding shower at my house a few months back it was a great room to use. 

Thanks for having me Natalie and can't wait to meet your new baby boy!!



  1. I love your dining room Ally! Tell Theo to keep his paws off of it :) haha! I love that the table has been passed down to you, so sweet!

  2. What an amazing piece of furniture to have passed down! I love that the dining room has so many sentimental pieces in it!

  3. Your dining room is gorgeous Ally!!! The table has such a rich history - so amazing!!

  4. Ally, your dining room is so gorgeous and I love the stories behind the pieces in it!!

  5. i love how you framed your wedding bouquet! my mother-in-law has ours. I love that charleston print too! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. I love the dining room Ally! I always love a nice formal dining room and we actually used ours growing up most nights for dinner. Yours has the perfect mix of old and new to you!

  7. So many neat & special things about this room. Love it.

  8. Aw shucks you guys are all so sweet! Thanks for having me Natalie!

  9. Great Thanksgiving-colored runner and I love how stinking BIG this room is. Perfect for lots of hungry beebies in the years to come ;)


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