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 Happy Thursday!  This week has gone by so slow and so fast at the same time. Sorry I'm running behind today.

- We didn't actually make it to the pumpkin patch this past weekend. Kyle ended up having to work most of  the weekend and I didn't have the energy to take Miller alone and have to chase him all around. We are finally going this weekend-  no excuses!! Especially considering I bought him a shirt specifically for the pumpkin patch that he needs to wear :)

- Kyle and I did sneak out for a date night on Saturday night. Nothing fancy at all. We were going to take Miller and at the last minute my parents offered to watch him so we jumped on the chance to eat alone.  

The best family photo we could get:
(I'm officially rocking pregnancy fat face)

I'm totally enjoying these last few weeks of pregnancy to eat all the dessert I can:  #thisiswhyIhavefatface 

-My horrible sleeper has been on a roll this week with waking up in the middle of the night. Last night he was up from 11:30-3am.  He does have a cold which I know is part of the reason but man am I exhausted.  I have no idea how I'm going to handle the newborn sleepless stage.

This is what happens when you don't sleep at night...
He just passed out in the cart. Never seen this happen before but trust me I took full advantage of my peaceful shopping trip

- I don't care what Food Babe says, I still love my pumpkin spice lattes:

-We finally have some of the baby stuff set up and Miller is very interested in it. He likes to unplug it and swing the swing really hard... I think I'm in trouble.  Looks like baby boy #2 is going to have to strapped down with a helmet on since 15 month olds don't really understand "gentle."
 (the cover is being washed)

- 38 Weeks!! I can't believe I have less than two weeks to go until I meet baby boy #2. I have so many mixed emotions this time around and it's so different from having your first.  I'm excited but nervous.   Nervous for my new role as a parent of 2 (!!!) under 18 months old. I'm nervous about how Miller is going to act. I worry about hurting his feelings. I worry his strong personality is going to have me paying less attention to his little brother. I'm still not sure how I'm going to love two kids when Miller has been my whole life for the past 15 months. I worry #2 won't sleep either. I worry he will cry a lot.  I worry I'm never going to lose my baby weight. I worry I'm going to lose my mind.

- I went out for a much needed Mom's night out with some new mom friends and it was so nice! While having some glasses of wine would have been even better it was still nice to get out baby free and enjoy some adult conversation.
 I wore my J.Crew swing sweater which still fits over my 38 week bump!!  I highly suggest this to all my pregnant friends!  My bump goes straight out and is huge, plus I'm tall, so if it still works for me I know it would work for most pregnant girls. 

it's on sale for $59.99 right now and you can get 30% off with the code TGIFALL bringing it down to $42

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Thoughts for Thursday



  1. I think you look fabulous! 2weeks to go! Woot! It is the final countdown!!

  2. I am worried about all the same things! And I have thrown caution to the wind and am eating like I'm bulking up for a role in Bridget Jones. We will get through this together! At least we will have eachother to email at 2am to see what we are watching on TV. Has the Dr said anything? Mine just said SQUAT. I'm sooooooo ready. (I think)

  3. I just treated myself to the swing sweater! You look so cute with stripes and plaid!

  4. You're looking so great girl!!! I can only imagine how much you got accomplished on your shopping trip while he was sleeping LOL!

  5. Came across your link up party and we are excited to join in on the fun! Now following along on bloglovin. You look great for 38 weeks! A lot of your concerns are the same I have as well when considering having another little one. We aren't even there yet with a second but I'm sure it will all work out and you will be so in love with both of them! Best of luck with everything.

  6. Eat up!! The weight will come off so quickly bc you have a 15 month old to keep up with! You look amazing. Enjoy these last two weeks as a family of three!!

  7. I felt all those same emotions going from 1-2 especailly with mine being so close (not quite as close as yours, but 20 months). It will be a transition for Miller, but I am sure he will love his baby brother. Lucky for me my second was a great sleeper, so she slept alot during the day at first which gave me a lot of time to devote to Brady. I will say I could not leave her unattended in the swing with him around though. He liked to do the same thing- push the swing. It about gave me a heart attack, so she did a lot of napping her crib. Which actually was probably a good thing, because she learned to sleep in her own bed. You look great momma, and you will be so happy that your boys are so close in age. Mine are best buddies now.

  8. I keep reading your blog and looking at your instagram pictures and thinking about what my life would be like if I was having another baby soon. I'm sure you're as mentally prepared as possible, but still can't be that little baby Miller is going to be a BIG brother! They are going to be the best of friends and absolutely inseparable! I'm envisioning them as adults, and their lives will be so intertwined. They'll call each other complaining that "mom is insisting we come for Thanksgiving this year" and yada yada yada... makes me laugh just thinking about it! I'm sure your heart is just overflowing with love when you think of the forever bond they'll have!!

  9. You look adorable and you know these are my favorite kind of posts...the brain dumps. I haven't had a good one of these in awhile. I still can't believe you are only 2 freakin' weeks away. I just can't even get over how quick yours has flown by. I really have nothing great to say as far as easing your worries other than that somehow it always works out...And you will get through it. I can't imagine how difficult it will be at times, but it will also be the most amazing thing in the world to watch Miller as a big brother and see those two boys interact! I'm so excited for you and your beautiful little family! xoxo

  10. I'm in awe that in two weeks there will be a post announcing your new bundle of joy!! Eat all that dessert that you can, all of the worries will figure themselves out (great advice, right!???).

  11. Looking as gorgeous as ever, mama! You're in the home stretch...soooo exciting! xx

  12. You look amazing.... enjoy those desserts and hang in there.... I know the last couple weeks can get a bit tough!
    XO sarita it's my girls' world

  13. I have no clue what is going on, but my little boy won't sleep either and this mama is exhausted!!! You look adorable! You're in the home stretch!!

    Whitney & Blaire

    Peaches In A Pod

  14. So many things happening!! Hopefully you'll make it out to the pumpkin patch and I still love pumpkin spice lattes too although I am tempted to try and make them at home and see how they taste. Happy Thursday

  15. I can't believe you are only two weeks away from another baby and you do NOT have fat face at all! I want your metabolism! You will do so great and I am sure Miller is too! And you can have wine again, so that helps :)

  16. Love the photos- you are so stylish while rocking your bump! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :-)


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