Saturday Shopping: The $16 Tee You Need

So I cannot take credit for this find but I had to share it with you all!! Yesterday Meg (if you don't read her blog you should- she has two of the cutest little girls I've ever seen and dresses them in best little matching outfits) posted these shirts on for Friday Five and I knew I had to have one (or three!). 

I was heading to the mall anyway yesterday before I read her post but when I got there I went straight to Nordstrom BP to try on these shirts. First of all you can totally pull them off pregnant (even huge gigantic pregnant) and I'm pretty sure it's going to be even cuter post baby.   The top is nice and long so it works great for tall or long torso girls. Meg suggested going up a size (which I did anyway) but for a looser fit I think that would be best.  Like I said it even has no problem covering my huge baby bump. 

The shirt comes in three stripe color options and seven solid color options:

I suggest everyone go get themselves one or five!!


  1. Those tee's are perfect! And you can't beat the price- I really like the way the arm slouches on the model- is this a lightweight cotton?

  2. yess! i love this tee, i bought two and it fits my 19-week bump! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. A good striped t-shirt is always a must for any wardrobe! These look super cozy and soft- I may have to pick up a few!


  4. Oh I love those tees! Definitely checking them out now :)

  5. I'm so glad you found them!! Aren't they the best?! You're sweet to mention me too - thanks!


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