Christmas Jammies for the Kiddos

Too early?  I hope not!

I know we haven't even had Halloween yet but I've discovered that when it comes to holiday pajamas for kids it's important to shop ahead because they sell out fast.  Don't tell my husband but I've already purchased Miller and his little brother 3 pairs of Christmas jammies!  I didn't really plan too but just saw some cute pairs and couldn't resist. Plus they had to be matching so I had to jump on them before they sold out ;)

I've rounded up some of my favorites for the boys and the girls: 

Christmas pajamas for the boys

1. Carter's Santa's Helper two piece //2. Carter's Santa's Helper one piece //3.Carter's Reindeer //4. Target Reindeer Stripe //5. Hanna Andersson Tree Time //6. Target Santa //7. Hanna Andersson Gnome on the Go //8. Hanna Andersson St. Nick //9. Gap  Ho, Ho, Ho Holiday //10. Carter's Holiday Print

Christmas pajamas for the girls

If you're looking to go with the monogram option I also love these pairs:

So tell  me have you purchased Christmas pajamas for your little one yet?? Am I the only crazy one?


  1. Mine definitely already have their personalized Christmas PJs ready to go :)! They are one of my favorite things. There is nothing I love more than matching my kids. My dad asks me if I am going to make them wear matching outfits in highschool- if they would let me I probably would.

  2. I like to get Christmas pj's early, so I have been looking, but my son has gotten to the age where he doesn't like the tighter fitting pj's and it's making it a bit challenging. I found a pair at Gap, but am holding out that someone else will have something cuter in the coming weeks. I always worry they will sell out too, so I'll have to make a decision soon.

  3. Oh I'm in love with #5, and those monogram reindeer pj's from Pottery Barn! Or maybe I'm just in love with cute babies in general - haha!

  4. I give them a new pair every Christmas eve but don't usually make them Christmassy so that they can wear them all year. This year I'm feeling the itch to buy super Christmas ones!

  5. I am already so behind on these! I went to Gap today and they were cleaned out!

  6. AAh I would so be on this if I had reason... Maybe next year... Or the next ;)

  7. What an adorable selection of christmas jammies! I am going to buy some for the little ones in my life. Happy Tuesday, Natalie :)

  8. We have 3 Christmas themed outfits for Camden already! I think it's just because we know he's (hopefully) coming early Decemeber so I'm sure they will be used. I ordered the monogramed PBK jammies for him :) :)

  9. Last year I learned my lesson about waiting on the holiday pjs. I already ordered one pair of Christmas ones for H just in case. My favorites are the Hanna Andersson ones. They truly wash/wear the best and are worth the investment. They definitely can be used for a full year/two holiday seasons in a row. All of the other pajamas I've bought shrink :(

  10. I am all about matching Christmas pjs! We had a pair of Hanna's last year that were hand me downs and I scored a match on eBay! I have no clue what to do with a girl in the mix now - maybe those pbk ones you posted. Thanks for doing the work for me ;).

  11. I made the mistake last year of waiting too long to buy Christmas jammies and Mikaela ended up having to wear Valentine's Day jammies! Lesson learned. Love all of your picks!


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